Algorithm Data Science Intern

LAM Research Tualatin, OR
Role and Responsibilities

* Understand and contribute to statistical, machine learning, and first-principle modeling projects focusing on semiconductor process control

* Apply basic machine learning algorithms in calibration, prediction, and optimization

* Translate technical questions into actionable experimental designs.

* Apply data structures, evaluate data quality, perform appropriate data analyses using software such as Python and MATLAB.

* Follow recommendation of senior engineers to design and prototype algorithms on industrial data.

* Strong analytical skills, with demonstrated reputation including publications / development / deployment experience.

* Interface closely with Lam Business counterparts (marketing, engineering, …) to understand/define requirements, domain knowledge/models, data needs, and software specs

* Excellent teamwork and customer focus.

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

M.S. or Ph.D. student in mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, or material science with hands-on experiences of hypothesis-driven data analysis, machine learning, and statistics.

Preferred Skills

Matlab and Python programming.