Patient Scheduler

Capital Health Trenton, NJ

Position #: 0528


* Answers scheduling calls quickly while minimizing time customers are on hold.

* Collaborates with physician's office to schedule appointments, while negotiating date and time and avoiding resource conflicts.

* Gathers complete patient and procedure information and enters data accurately into system. Obtains and advises patients of all necessary pre-certification and referrals needed for financial reimbursement.

* Completes documentation timely and accurately. Understands and utilizes the necessary software program(s) to determine eligibility.

* Informs all patients of pre-registration option and pre-registers all patients when information is obtainable.

* Ensures that all appropriate staff, patients, departments, and external resources are notified of additions, changes, and cancellations.

* Completes and verifies all authorizations in a timely manner.

* Adheres to CH attendance policy as well as interdepartmental policies and procedures

* Attends all mandatory departmental meetings.


* High school diploma or GED.

* Three years experience working in an office, clinic, customer service, call center environment or intake department. Experience in conducting intakes and/or scheduling patients preferred.

* Strong customer service skills, good communication and organizational skills. Medical Terminology preferred.

* Basic insurance carrier and pre-certification knowledge and computer skills.

* Frequent physical demands include: Sitting Occasional physical demands include: Standing , Walking , Climbing (e.g., stairs or ladders) , Carry objects , Push/Pull , Twisting , Bending , Reaching forward , Reaching overhead , Squat/kneel/crawl , Keyboard use/repetitive motion Continuous physical demands include: Wrist position deviation , Pinching/fine motor activities , Talk or Hear Lifting Floor to Waist 15 lbs. Lifting Waist Level and Above 10 lbs.