Nurse Aide

Capital Health Trenton, NJ

Position #: 5246

* Performs a variety of support functions, enabling patient to perform daily hygienic, nutritional, ambulatory and other daily activities under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.


* Assists with CPR under the direction/supervision of a Registered Nurse or Physician.

* Documents patient care activities and patient data.

* Performs patient care tasks related to activities of daily living such as bathing, feeding, hair, skin, and oral care.

* Performs required clinical skills such as vital sign measurement and enters patient vital signs information into computer, aseptic technique, non-invasive specimen collection, hot and cold applications, simple respiratory therapy, post mortem care, ostomy care, and application of teds/pneumatic teds.


* High school degree or equivalency.

* Experience in a clinical setting.

* Frequent physical demands include: Sitting , Standing , Walking , Climbing (e.g., stairs or ladders) , Carry objects , Push/Pull , Twisting , Bending , Reaching forward , Reaching overhead , Squat/kneel/crawl , Wrist position deviation , Pinching/fine motor activities , Keyboard use/repetitive motion , Taste or Smell Occasional physical demands include: Continuous physical demands include: Talk or Hear Lifting Floor to Waist 80 lbs. Lifting Waist Level and Above 80 lbs.

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