Azure Systems Engineer x2

 Torrance, CA


  • Provide technical resolution of all cloud, server, application and network systems
  • Assess/Resolve monitoring alerts through within target time frame
  • Resolve client incidents within service levels, keeping clients actively updated.
  • Provide direct technical support to managed client IT teams
  • Perform systems/application upgrades as required, coordinating client & vendors
  • Coordinate technical resolutions with teams and vendors as required
  • Act as engineering resource on new client and services onboarding
  • Perform Client Project work in Azure, M365, and other Microsoft services
  • Azure Associate (AZ-104) or Architect (AZ-305) along with other MS certifications that qualify expertise and knowledge highly desireable
  • Highly proficient in PowerShell and implementing automation across MS systems


  • Demonstrate exceptional customer service and support skills
  • Work in collaborative manner with all teams and client vendors
  • Maintain time entries documentation and submit Time reports on timely basis.
  • Comply with code of conduct as outlined in Employee Handbook
  • Adhere to Attendance/PTO policies with daily attendance and work schedules
  • Continuously update technical skills on the client systems and technologies
  • Team Key Performance Indicators
    • Service Levels: Respond/Plan/Resolve are > 90%
    • Billing utilization across team > 90%
    • Customer Satisfaction > 98% with a +15% Survey return rate
    • Compliance KPIs exceed 98%
  • Continuous Improvement Expectations:
    • Complete all ongoing training as assigned by Manager
    • Associate one or more approved Microsoft certification with DivergeIT?
    • Achieve 3CX INTERMEDIATE certification?
    • Complete AUVIK Certified Professional certification training
    • Obtain advanced Connectwise Automate certification
    • Complete new certification annually as approved by Manager?
    • Demonstrate reliability & accountability in role on performance reviews

Hourly Range:

  • LA - $65- $70 per hour
  • TN - $55 - $60 per hour