Senior Data Insights Analyst
Wave Financial
 Toronto, OH
Wave propels brave entrepreneurs who pursue their dreams and drive the world’s economy. As an award-winning product and company, and one of the fastest growing financial services software, we have hundreds of thousands active monthly businesses from 200+ countries around the world. We’re on a mission to change the lives of Entrepreneurs across the globe, and looking for only the best to join us. 

About The Team:
The Decision Science team merges data with people, process and technology to support difficult business problems across Wave through data-driven decision making.

About The Role:
The Senior Data Insight Analyst will join the Data Science team at Wave, whose purpose is to leverage Data to deliver innovative products, operational excellence and strategic insights.

Here's how you will make an impact:

  • Partner with lines of business and functional areas to define objectives, targeting & measurement strategy on initiatives.
  • Responsible for understanding the data structure and data content within operational systems leveraged by line of business and function.
  • Consult with Engineers to ensure the right data elements are captured and stored in the right format to meet the goals to meet the analytic objectives of the project.
  • You’ll design and evaluate various experiments or tests to find out what works and what doesn’t (eg. A/B tests).
  • Build and manage reporting dashboards that highlight the health and performance of the different initiatives you’ve been working on. You’re responsible for what should be included in these dashboards, and how that data is presented.
  • So now you have the data, have presented it in a meaningful way, you need to be able to look at it and interpret it in a way that we can make decisions because of it. Everything we do at Wave is informed by data, including strategies for user acquisition, engagement, retention, and monetization.
  • We love our Entrepreneurs. You’ll keep an eye on their behaviours and life cycles, with a focus on things like response, engagement, and churn, so we know what we can be doing to further simplify their financial lives.

These will help you succeed:

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in Data & Analytics. This is important ‘cause this is what you’ll be doing all the time, and we need someone experienced to do it. It’s big stuff we’re working on.
  • Advanced SQL skills with experience querying large and very complex and varied data sources including Relational Databases, APIs, clickstream and log data. You should know what all of these words mean if you want to apply, and you’re excited about it, too.
  • Experience calculating and tracking business and product KPIs (e.g. M/DAU, usage breadth/depth, engagement funnels, conversion, churn, ARPU etc.)You know the differences between Microstrategy, Amplitude, Tableau, Looker and are super comfy with all of them.
  • Background in statistical analysis and familiarity with core statistical functions (including multivariate regression, decision trees, correlation models, and analysis of variance). This is the type of analysis you’ll be expected to do.

You'll thrive here if you have:

  • You have the ability to work autonomously. No one’s going to be peering over your shoulder here. We count on you to get your work done, in ambiguous conditions, with tight deadlines, while still producing high quality work. It’s fun, promise!
  • You are all about collaboration. You’ll be working with Product Managers, Engineering Managers, Marketing Managers, and tons of other folks as their go-to analytics person. It’s not going to work if you don’t see the value of different perspectives.
  • You are a stellar communicator. This means you know how to translate technical terms into non-technical language which your grandma could understand. This also means you have no problem presenting the insights you’ve gathered from your stellar analysis to Kirk (our CEO).
  • You’re good with other tech. Wave is a diverse place with lots of different tools, languages, frameworks, structures, and types of analysis. Knowing R, SAS, or Python would be helpful to help close the gap between your role and others.
We hire world-class talent, but the learning doesn’t stop once you’re in the door. We’re committed to growing you personally and professionally through flexible mentorship programs, ongoing learning opportunities and a serious investment in each employee. We’re here to do excellent work - together - and achieve that through bringing on only the best and developing them to be even better. 

With collaboration and transparency at our core, including monthly town halls where we regularly share business metrics and updates from the CEO, we’re empowered to pivot plans to solve problems, remove bottlenecks and always find a way to win for our Customers. 

Our culture is reflected in a stellar Glassdoor rating (including a 99% approval rating of our CEO) as well as numerous awards. We’ve been continuously recognized as one of Canada's Top Ten Most Admired Corporate Cultures, an Employee Recommended Workplace, and Great Place to Work Certified, awarded specifically in the Technology, Millennial, Mental Health, Inclusion and Women categories for several years running. 

Get ready to do the best work of your career with Wave. We're waiting for you.