Summer 2021 Internships: Investing Team
The Motley Fool
 TN (Tennessee)

Want to spend your summer interning at a company that is consistently rated as one of the best places to work in the country? Is this a rhetorical question?

The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial services company that provides financial solutions for investors through various stock, investing, and personal finance services. We’ve been on the block for about 26 years and have honed a reputation for producing industry-leading work in a nationally recognized workplace. At the forefront of this charge is The Motley Fool’s Investing team.

If investing is your undying passion and you want to learn more in one summer than you ever have before, then step up to the plate, and tell us why you should land a spot among our Foolish ranks.

As an Investing Intern, you’ll hone your investing, analytical and communication chops through hands-on application under the guidance of our top Analysts. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in stock pitches, attend product meetings, write articles, and complete ad hoc projects like return attribution, sector/industry overviews, and competitor analysis. This internship isn’t about filing and binding reports -- we’re searching high and low for passionate investors who want to build upon their already impressive base of investing knowledge. Superior writing chops and the ability to seamlessly navigate financial statements will jump your application to the front of the line.

You’ll be challenged and mentored by some of our greatest investors all summer, and in turn, you’ll develop a business-focused, forward-thinking, and independent mindset that sets you apart from your peers. We’re excited to open our doors for Summer 2021 Investing Intern applicants, so send us your most Foolishly written cover letter and your ultra-impressive resume. We’re prepared to be wowed.

What you will do during your summer with us Fools:

  • Learn, develop, and refine equity research techniques and methodologies to pick great stocks.
  • Build a multi-disciplinary approach to thinking about businesses and investing.
  • Analyze companies and present your business and investment assessments to others.
  • Monitor and analyze existing investment recommendations.
  • Write articles and produce creative content for The Motley Fool’s top-ranked investing services.

How you can succeed in this role:

  • Demonstrate a sustained passion for investing.
  • Learn from others and accept constructive criticism.
  • Read voraciously across many subjects – and be an all-around interesting person.
  • Write clearly and engagingly.
  • Be flexible, learn quickly, and have unflappable critical thinking skillz.

A few things that are not required, but would be awesome for you to have:

  • A solid understanding of financial statements and their interplay.
  • A basic understanding of the competitive forces companies face.
  • A grasp of basic economic principles.
  • A grasp of basic laminar flow fluid dynamics engineering principles.