Cutter Operator (39320)

RR Donnelley & Sons Timonium, MD
Set up, adjust and operate binding machines containing several cutting heads, control surfaces or other attachments (folders, cutters, collators, stitchers) Inspect equipment for safety issues. Monitor quality, output and productivity.

General knowledge of bindery machines. Ability to read and interpret written work orders or other job specifications required to complete the work and to maintain dimensional accuracy in accordance with instructions provided. Knowledge of the quality and machining requirements of various coated and uncoated types of paper stock. Skill in setting up and adjusting machines for finishing operations and to refine such adjustments for the weight, color, machinability and quality of paper stock being used and to prevent machining impressions on the printed materials. Skill in using the full range of standard and specialized tools and devices to adjust and maintain the functional accuracy and operating conditions of the bindery machines.


Required Experience

Previous cutter experience required

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