Associate Localization Engineer

 Taylorsville, KY

Main Purpose of Job

You will be an active member of the engineering team. You will be expected to show a good understanding of engineering technique and skills, and will receive on-the-job training from your Line Manager as and when required. Your role will be to assist other engineers or work independently in producing high quality work to a set deadline whilst following all procedures and quality checks required by RWS and the client.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Work closely with project lead engineer and project manager with involvement in client conference calls explaining engineering issues with the project.
  2. Support lead software engineer to meet ship dates for localised products.
  3. Be responsible for localization projects such as preparation or File Integration projects.
  4. Prepare test plans for projects by analysing the product or going through its resources.
  5. Engineer localised assets.
  6. Build localizable elements (i.e. software and help).
  7. Test with the guidance of a test plan the localizable product thoroughly paying particular attention to relevant checks required.
  8. Report bugs in localizable elements in a clear and concise manner into a bugs database and then to close it once fixed.
  9. Test help systems using SDLs tools and ensuring format is as per original language
  10. Resize software form
  11. Assist the lead engineer in all bug fixing for localizable elements such as Software and Help.
  12. Edit graphics and take screen captures of localizable product making sure the layout is consistent with the original language.
  13. Assist in the evaluation of engineering assets for new business.
  14. To prepare localised operating systems for screenshots.
  15. To check/QA the work undertaken by Trainee Engineers.