Managing Veterinarian
American Veterinary Group
 Tampa, FL
CountryChase Veterinary opened its doors in Westchase in early 1998. Our exponential growth over the next seven years led to our move in 2005 to our state-of-the-art, 5,000-square-foot freestanding facility which includes preserved wetlands. Our carefully designed clinic provides clients and their pets with the most comfortable environment possible for medical care.

The Managing Veterinarian serves as the medical leader of the practice, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment that results in an excellent treatment experience for the patients and clients we serve, as well as an excellent employment experience for the practice’s patient care team.

The Managing Veterinarian works with the associate veterinarians and the Chief Medical Officer to help ensure that quality and appropriate veterinary medicine is performed within the practice. Additionally, they partner with the Practice Manager in matters of general management, staffing/scheduling, as well as ensuring that operational and financial goals are being met.

Medical Oversight

  • Oversees the medical care of all patients of the practice.  
  • Upholds the American Veterinary Group mission of “Pet First Client First” by ensuring the highest level of respect for clients and their pets.
  • Ensures that appropriate, evidence-based medicine is being practiced, with a focus on improving the quality of medical and surgical procedures.
  • Ensures that complete and accurate medical records are being maintained.
  • Supervises communication with clients, ultimately being available to address questions, concerns, or medical complaints they may have.
  • Works with CMO to establish medical guidelines.
  • Confirms that a consistent message is being conveyed to clients from all practice team members regarding medical guidelines and recommendations.
  • Oversees the control and accuracy of controlled drugs and their recording.
  • Supervises the transfer of medical cases between veterinarians.
  • Partners with the Practice Manager regarding medical training of support staff.
  • Stays up-to-date regarding current medical developments within the profession.

Human Resources

  • Assists with the recruitment, interviewing, and on-boarding of veterinarians and medical staff.
  • Maintains a positive work environment and works with the practice manger regarding staff concerns and conflict resolution.
  • Performs periodic reviews of associate veterinarians in matters of performance and production.
  • When necessary, oversees the performance improvement plans of associate veterinarians.
  • Participates in discussions regarding the discipline and termination of professional staff
  • Ensures veterinarian staffing is appropriate at the practice, including PTO requests.


  • Ensures regulatory compliance is maintained within the practice.
  • Minimizes waste and expenses related to the operations of the practice, including medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment.
  • Shares responsibility with the Practice Manager for the financial performance of the hospital.
  • Partners with the practice manager in efforts to increase patient visits, including community outreach and marketing efforts.
  • Always maintains a safe work environment .
  • Reviews the financial and operational performance of the hospital with AVG management and assists with the improvement of these metrics.
  • Is able to verbalize and support the mission, goals, and values of American Veterinary Group.


  • A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree, or equivalent, from an accredited university
  • Holds a veterinary license in good standing in the state in which the practice operates
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A commitment to the highest quality of medicine and ethics
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to delegate responsibility when appropriate
  • The ability to analyze complex information, and make quality decisions that are respectful of the stakeholders involved
  • The ability to work with, lead, and motivate people of various personality types
  • Strong time management skills
  • The ability to conduct oneself in a manner befitting the importance of the position of Managing Veterinarian.
  • The ability to represent American Veterinary Group and the practice to the profession and community in a positive manner. 
The Westchase area of Tampa is a beautiful suburban community known for its excellent schools, golf courses, and miles of greenway for outdoor recreation. With easy access to downtown Tampa's nightlife, as well the beaches of Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Westchase is a prime location to live and work!