Hotel Benchmark Intern

M3 Accounting Tampa, FL
This is a part-time/part-year position, primarily responsible for supporting Customer data in Benchmarking, Central Property and Hotel Benchmarking Index(HBI) applications. This position is designed to provide entry-level assignments to allow students to gain experience as you navigate through various hotel chart of accounts and profit and loss statements. Learn how to collect and prepare hotel data for further analysis and reporting to industry and financial professionals. Create graphs and charts to analyze financial data and Key Performance indicators in the Hotel Industry. This position allows the opportunity to provide the company with the ability to preview performance for a potential full-time hire with a software development company.

Essential Duties:

The duties listed below are the essential functions of this position, and they may change as the needs of the company demand. All interns are expected to do what is necessary to get the work done and to cooperate fully with their supervisors requests for additional or altered duties.

* Basic property demographic research and data entry using internal Central Property application.

* Assist in collection and verification of data using spreadsheets provided by client, search engines or management company website.

* Review and update existing chart of accounts mapping.

* Complete chart of account mapping to M3 global chart for new customers.

* Create charts and graphs for data analysis using industry specific key performance indicators.

* Assist in updating department documentation.

* Any additional administrative duties as assigned by the department manager


* Working towards a college degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Hospitality, Accounting, Business Management, or a related field.

* Must have strong written and verbal skills in English.

* Must have knowledge of a variety of computer software applications in word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentation software (MSWord, Excel) Specific certifications and trainings adding to the global experience of this profession are welcomed and desired.

* Must be punctual and consistent with arrival time and work schedule.

Physical Requirements:

* Ability to sit and/or stand for extended periods.

* Ability to perform work on a computer for extended periods.

* Ability to attend work and meetings with excellent attendance and punctuality.

* Ability to bend and lift to 25 lbs.