Healthcare - Inventory Associate - Part Time - Dist 157 - Tampa, FL
 Tampa, FL

District Starting Wage: $14.00/hour.


normal“>Job Description


normal“>Are you ready to get started in an

exciting career in the growing healthcare field?


normal“>Jump on this great opportunity to work

with RGIS and experience all the healthcare field has to offer. You will

experience every aspect of healthcare as you count client inventory accurately

and with the consistent high standards of integrity, professionalism, and

customer service.


normal“>Great for the inquiring healthcare

professional looking to gain experience and is an even better part time job for

those making their way through medical school. Inventory to be audited

include pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical supplies. Audit locations

will vary depending upon the client and could include hospital pharmacies,

medical centers, healthcare clinics, warehouses, and sales representatives’

on-hand stock. Inventories take approximately 4-6 hours to complete; however,

it may take longer depending on the size of the location and the level of

inventory to be counted.


normal“>Additional duties may be assigned

including: initiating pre-inventory calls with healthcare clients to coordinate

audit logistics; collaborating with healthcare staff to identify multiple stock

locations within medical facilities; pulling expired and/or damaged stock; and

re-packaging stock for shipping


normal“>Company Overview



is the market leader in supply chain, inventory, insights, merchandising, and

optimization solutions. Our services include but are not limited to:

inventories, supply chain, compliance audits, store mapping, merchandising,

resets, staffing solutions and store optimization. We deploy employees in more

than 40 countries, offering our customers unsurpassed geographic coverage and

unique tools and processes to ensure accuracy, reliability and efficiency.



has become the largest inventory and retail Service Company in the world. Our

commitment to accuracy, integrity and reliability, combined with our unmatched

experience, makes RGIS the provider of choice for local businesses as well as

Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies.


normal“>We are expanding our inventory

expertise in the healthcare sector and seek qualified applicants for the

position of RGIS Inventory Associate - Healthcare Team.


normal“>Training & Development


normal“>Each RGIS Inventory Associate –

Health Care team member completes a paid comprehensive training program on RGIS

processes, procedures, and use of the proprietary equipment prior to being

assigned to a healthcare inventory event.


normal“>In addition, as new clients are added,

client-specific training is provided to familiarize the RGIS

Inventory Associate - Healthcare Team Member with account requirements and



normal“>Opportunities for advancement will

become available upon completion of additional certifications and training, and

will be associated with increased pay and responsibility.


normal“>Healthcare Team Member Requirements

  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l3 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in“>Minimum of eighteen (18) years of
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l3 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in“>Must have a High School Diploma
    or GED or an equivalent combination of experience and education
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l3 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in“>Drug test screening (where
    allowed by state guidelines)
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l3 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in“>Criminal background search
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l3 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in“>Access to reliable transportation

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normal“>Additional Selection Criteria:

  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Projects a professional business
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Demonstrates ability to work
    professionally in sensitive environments (hospital, medical center, any
    healthcare facility) while adhering to hospital rules of business
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Communicates clearly and
    accurately, verbally and in written form, in a positive manner
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Creates partnerships with
    healthcare staff and sales representatives to ensure success of quality
    patient care initiatives
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Instills customer trust and
    confidence in the RGIS brand based upon demonstrated expertise,
    punctuality, and meticulous regard for accuracy and professionalism
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Demonstrates ability to work with
    minimal supervision and complete all assigned job duties with integrity
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Maintains client confidentiality
    and respects patient privacy
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Demonstrates flexibility and
    patience as situations warrant
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Possesses professional maturity
    and respect for authority
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo2;tab-stops:list .5in“>Completes other job duties as
    assigned by Management

normal“> Physical Requirements

  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in“>Prolonged standing with
    occasional walking (frequent)
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in“>Repetitive motions requiring use
    of both wrists and hands as well as fingers (frequent)
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in“>Able to work for extended periods
    of time (frequent)
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in“>Low level positions: squatting,
    kneeling, and crouching (frequent)
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in“>Use of ladders and step stools up
    to 8 steps high. (frequent)
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in“>Balancing when counting stock
    from ladder (occasional)
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in“>Conveying detailed or important
    instructions or ideas accurately and quickly (frequent)
  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l1 level1 lfo3;tab-stops:list .5in“>Able to lift and carry items up
    to 25 pounds (occasional)


normal“>Experience or Knowledge Requirements

  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l2 level1 lfo4;tab-stops:list .5in“>Ability to add, subtract,
    multiply and divide in all units of measure with whole numbers, common
    fractions and decimals using a calculator or 10-key audit.

normal“>Pre-Employment Testing

  • line-height:normal;mso-list:l4 level1 lfo5;tab-stops:list .5in“>As a committed equal opportunity
    employer who maintains a drug free workplace, RGIS conducts pre-employment
    criminal, drug and social security screening.