Health Information Management Manager

Shriners Hospitals for Children Tampa, FL
Job Description


The Health Information Management Manager is responsible for managing, coordinating, and performing day-to-day HIM departmental operations and staff supervision. The HIM Manager will oversee and implement facility related HIM operational planning/initiatives, budgets, workflow processes and internal controls.

Responsibilities include; interviewing, hiring and training employees; plans, assigns and directs workflow, appraises employee performance and rewards and disciplines accordingly; addresses complaints and resolves problems; and actively oversees and manages production and quality control efforts.

Implement and support all Corporate HIM initiatives and activities. Provide support to HIM Departments at the facility level for department operations, reimbursement opportunities, various program implementation, and HIM specific system installations.


* Provides direct managerial oversight to facility HIM staff in management of accuracy and timeliness of work, work processes, and overall work load responsibilities

* Responsible for operational activities relating to facility HIM functions; including retrieval, encounter reconciliation, release of information, document scanning, DNFB/Provider Hold, and other department workflow processes

* Coaches and helps develop team members; help resolve dysfunctional behavior within functional area(s); Provides discipline and counsel staff as necessary

* Proactively manages (including corresponding communications and escalation paths) significant issues to eliminate any barriers and produce successful outcomes.

* Selects, evaluates, trains, and provides leadership and direction to reporting staff

* Responsible for ensuring employee work schedules sufficiently meet those requirements for continued service levels.

* Assists in the development of strategy, specific goals, objectives, budgets and performance standards for the facility HIM functions

* Assist in identifying and implementing process improvements to decrease costs and improve service for applicable stakeholders

* Performs productivity and quality monitoring providing timely and consistent feedback to employees.

* Works with the facility to improve medical staff practice patterns including documentation requirements, transcription requirements such as; the entering of demographic information, speaking clearly, and dictating from an appropriate phone

* Completes monthly trending analysis of encounter reconciliation, release of information, physician incomplete records/delinquent count, DNFB/Provider Hold process, and document scanning workflow process performance reports.

* Adaptability – maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; able to adapt to change in environment and/or circumstances with a positive outlook; and adjusting effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures

* Monitor health information management systems and set the healthcare system's standards for data quality and ethical practices

* Participate in the development and enforcement of health information management policies and procedures on release of information, confidentiality, information security, record reconciliation, document scanning, information storage and retrieval, and record retention

* Serve as the designated Facility Privacy Officer and Records Custodian

* Attend interdisciplinary meetings that need HIM expertise on process workflow design or improvements

* Provide onsite HIM expertise knowledge to the medical and clinical staff on HIM related topics

* Facilitate changes with SHCIS and hospital procedures as the SHCIS superuser and hospital specific statistical reporting using Business Objects, Discern Analytics, Powervision

* Provide CDI/UM coverage as needed during the absence of the CDI or UM Specialist

* Monitor and provide information regarding changes in legislation and accreditation standards that affect health information management

* Analyze and prepare statistical reports for MR/UR Committee and Medical Staff Meetings

This is not an all-inclusive list of this job's responsibilities. The incumbent may be required to perform other related duties and participate in special projects as assigned.

Job Requirements


* Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) or Administrator (RHIA) Certification


* Minimum three years of acute-care HIM department head level management experience

* Experience in the development and management of HIM department budget

* Experience in small to mid-size hospitals

* Experience in project management

* Preferred knowledge of information systems and healthcare applications in addition to database applications and report writing software

* Preferred experience with electronic record systems – Cerner PowerChart


Microsoft Office, Excel.

Technical Competencies:

* Working knowledge of Microsoft computer applications; excel, word, PowerPoint, etc.

* Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills required; excellent business judgment, decision making, and business savvy are also essential.

* Strong understanding and knowledge of regulatory requirements; CMS, HHS, HIPAA Privacy

* Experience working collaboratively with IT, HIMS, Finance, Compliance, Managed Care, Business and Clinical Operations are important.

* Strong understanding and appreciation for the automation of the revenue cycle functions and the engagement of the customer in that automated process.

* Knowledge of applied statistics, process analysis, and outcomes analysis.

Leadership Competencies:

* Proven management skills in monitoring HIM functional areas for productivity and quality standards

* Effectively supervises facility HIM staff


* Ability to sit at a desk for extended periods

* Extensive use of computer keyboard (typing), mouse and monitor

* Ability to lift and move items weighing 10 pounds or more including ability to lift carry-on luggage into overhead storage bins

* Ability to successfully handle multiple tasks

* Must have the ability to carry luggage, computer cases, and resource materials long distances whenever necessary

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

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