Full Time Account Administrator

Cox Enterprises Tampa, FL
Job Description:

This position is responsible for the accurate and efficient preparation of vehicles for sale by coordinating the required paperwork and performing data entry of vehicle information. The Account Administrator ensures that an accurate and complete computerized and physical inventory of customer vehicles is established, and maintains and updates the inventories on a continuous basis in order to assign and prepare vehicles for the sale as required by specific customer.

Job Responsibilities:

* Perform data entry of required information in the AS 400 system of vehicle identification number (VIN), and other descriptive information.

* Manage account relationships, maintaining effective communications and ensuring customer requirements are met.

* Maintain vehicle files; verify title information; log in titles when received; create and file in folders. Work with title department to ensure that a negotiable title is obtained for each vehicle assigned to the account.

* Work with posting clerk to ensure completion of recon, transportation, and all other vehicle charges are applied to the appropriate vehicle in the AS400 system.

* Respond to customer inquiries relating to vehicles. Provide quality service and assist in resolving problems.

* Mail out sale packages the day after sale.

* Pull and update consignment inventory information of vehicles transmitted by customer. Investigate transmission errors. Verify vehicle eligibility for the sale and provide customer with inventory reconciliation report.

* Communicate with Transportation department in order to arrange required transportation or obtain information including transportation condition reports, bills, etc. Pull transmitted transportation charges as needed.

* Establish customer vehicle files in the computer system. Update vehicle files on a continuous basis with standardized abbreviations to assure that vehicle location, condition, special announcements, and other activities relative to the vehicle are properly recorded.

* Seek floor price information from account representative and enter it into computer system.

* Review, enter, and update vehicle condition report information in the computer system. Pull and print electronic condition reports. Provide customer with copies as necessary.

* In coordination with account representative, account operations coordinator, and account specific procedures, prepare sale vehicle run process including run order, scheduling, notice to customer account, etc.

* Follow up on vehicle preparation for the sale by reconciling incoming bills against ordered work/repairs for each Institutional customer vehicle. Contact customer coordinators, service vendors and/or account representative when the information is missing or problems occur.

* Communicate with accounting department in order to balance the sale and perform post-sale invoicing for accounts receivable as needed.

* Maintain and update physical vehicle inventory files that document all activities relative to each customer vehicle, assuring accurate sale processing/closing records.

* Communicate with Online Operations department in order to prepare assigned vehicles for online programs.

* Prepare various reports, lists and handouts such as sales and expense report, sold vehicles by net amounts report, dealer attendance report, lot and transportation damage report, block summaries, etc.

* Visibly demonstrate safety commitment by following all safety and health procedures and modeling the behaviors related to such. Actively participate in support of all safety activities aligned with Safety Excellence.

* Perform other duties as assigned by management.


* High School Diploma or equivalent required.

* 1 - 3 years of clerical or administrative experience in the automotive industry preferred.

* Data entry experience required. General title experience or knowledge a plus.

* Strong computer skills, including knowledge of Excel and AS400 required.

* Effective communication and organization skills required.

* Commitment to providing excellent customer service essential.

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