Animal Care Associate/Professional -- Florida Mammals and Manatee Critical Care Center

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo Tampa, FL
Position: Animal Care Associate/Professional

Status: Full-time, Hourly

Department: Animal (Florida Mammals and Manatee Critical Care Center)

Position Summary

ZooTampa is currently seeking qualified applicants for a full-time position for our Florida Mammals Department and Manatee Critical Care Center. Duties include, but are not limited to, daily care and feeding of assigned animals in the collection which includes mammals, birds and reptiles, maintenance of animal exhibits and night-houses, behavioral observations, record keeping, animal enrichment and training, assisting veterinary staff, operation of utility vehicles, and public presentations. The Manatee Critical Care Center is a rehab and release program that cares for sick and injured manatees. The hospital runs 24/7 which requires a flexible schedule and the ability to work overnight shifts. Applicant MUST be scuba certified.

Essential Functions (including but not limited to):

* General husbandry and care of assigned animals, including preparing and distributing approved animal diets.

* Close observation of animal behaviors with a particular focus on appropriate appetite, mobility, and waste production to monitor health of animals; notification of appropriate animal care staff of any concerns.

* Shift animals according to area's standard operating procedures (SOP).

* Animal capture, restraint and handling techniques.

* Engage with the Zoo guests at exhibits, conservation stations, keeper talks, training demonstrations, and/or shows.

* Maintain detailed daily records on assigned animals.

* Assist in animal procedures including, but not limited to, translocations, veterinary procedures, and crating.

* Strong knowledge of Zoo layout and general animal collection to respond quickly during animal emergencies and also assist guests on a daily basis with exhibit location.

* Initiates and completes area projects with supervisor's approval.

* Adherence to area's standard operating procedures (SOP).

* Knowledge of safety SOP, safety concerns, and reporting protocols.

* Knowledge of husbandry requirements, and the prevention of zoonotic diseases.

* Knowledge of basic nutrition requirements for assigned area(s).

* Assist registrar in area's record keeping.

* Inspect, clean, and maintain both exhibit and off-exhibit areas.

* Propose and perform species-specific enrichment.

* Promote active guest engagement through interaction with guests during both formal and informal discussions, during events, and as otherwise assigned.

* Report animal illness, maintenance, safety, horticulture, or other needs to appropriate staff.

* Assist in animal procedures including, but not limited to, translocations, veterinary procedures, and crating.

* Respond to and assist supervisor in guiding the resolution of emergency situations (e.g., Code I, II, III) within the Zoo.

* Guide subordinate co-workers on intermediate procedures.

* Observe safety policies and procedures in regards to the use of zoo equipment, materials, chemicals, and vehicles.

Qualifications and Experience:

* High school diploma or general education degree (GED); AA degree or higher preferred.

* Three or more years paid keeper experience in an AZA accredited institution.

* SCUBA and First-Aid Certification for specific areas.

* Knowledge of Word Processing software and Spreadsheet software.

* Must have good written and oral communication skills and ability to effectively participate in guest engagement activities.

* Must be self-motivated and goal-oriented.

* Must be able to maintain discretion with confidential information.

* Ability to appropriately apply animal training through the use of operant and classical conditioning.

* Thorough knowledge of zoonotic diseases and prevention.

* Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with members of all department, and to work effectively alone and in group setting.

* Ability to complete projects in a reasonable time frame, to the satisfaction of management.

* Deal courteously and tactfully with employees, peers, superiors, and the general public.

* Knowledge of occupational hazards and appropriate safety precautions.

* Must have the ability to follow specific instructions and also be comfortable self-directing.

* Must be flexible and have the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment while maintaining a positive attitude with the public.

* Knowledge of occupational hazards and appropriate safety precautions.

* Capacity to anticipate: ability to think ahead and plan.

* Capacity to change: ability to identify and correct operational problems quickly.

* Must be able to think logically and solve problems with minimal guidance.

Other Requirements:

* Conducts all activities in alignment with AZA standards and guidelines, all relevant laws and regulations, safety standards, and standards that ensure animal welfare.

* Ability to work in extreme weather conditions typical to west central Florida (i.e., heat, rain, or cold).

* Possess visual, hearing and other sensory and cognitive capacity appropriate for animal care and general safety practices.

* Ability to use radio, telephone, and computer to communicate and follow written and verbal instructions.

* Must be able to work in a variety of physical positions, including sitting, bending, standing, and walking, and to engage in physical labor (raking, sweeping, shoveling).

* Must have ability to navigate paved as well as rough terrain on foot and by vehicle.

* Must be able to safely and effectively engage in heavy lifting (up to 50 pounds).

* Ability to work long hours and varying shifts, including nights and week-end, to support special events and the needs of the collection.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Drug-Free Workplace