Bridge To Rediscovery Staff

Five Star Quality Care, Inc. Tallahassee, FL
Key Responsibilities

We are looking for a qualified Bridge to Rediscovery Staff member to join our team!

Bridge to Rediscovery Staff team members will aid our residents in need of memory care. Responsibilities include:

* Able to perform missing person drill and Bridge to Rediscovery evacuation procedures.

* Able to identify location of the Bridge to Rediscovery policies and procedures and use of.

* Performs Bridge to Rediscovery Neighborhood scheduling for programs care/environment reviewed and demonstrated.

* Able to identify (and articulate) the Bridge to Rediscovery philosophy and mission statement reviewed.

* Utilizes instructions provided for the Bridge to Rediscovery Montessori Based Dementia Programming concepts.

* Utilizes instruction provided to integrate the social, physical, intellectual, emotional aspects of the Montessori Based Dementia Programming into the residents daily service/care plan.

* Able to develop resident specific Montessori Based Dementia Program using comprehensive life review/development of ISP.

* Able to identify the location of the resident service/care plans. Able to discuss plan and rationale with family and new employees

* Able to follow instructions provided for conducting a Montessori Based Dementia Programs (group/individual).

* Review/demonstration of Bridge to Rediscovery dining program concepts, expectations and requirements.

* Able to provide return demonstrations in developing a resident specific program box.

* Able to identify and utilize the 5 categories of Montessori Based Dementia Programs.

* Able to identify environmental safety requirements for Bridge to Rediscovery neighborhood reviewed.

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