Sr. Technical Program Manager/Software Launch, Inc.
 Sunnyvale, CA

Amazon Lab126 is an inventive research and development company that designs and engineers high-profile consumer electronics. Lab126 began in 2004 as a subsidiary of, Inc., originally creating the best-selling Kindle family of products. Since then, we have produced groundbreaking devices like Fire tablets, Fire TV and Amazon Echo.

The Role:

A Launch Technical Program Manager (LTPM) is responsible for the end to end delivery of a product. Responsibilities are cross functional as they include (but not limited to) device software, machine learning, cloud capabilities, manufacturing, hardware development, beta, marketing/sales, etc. A key superpower for a LTPM must be to work with a product's various Technical Program Managers and Development Managers to ensure that status is properly reported and mechanisms are in place to report and escalate dependencies between teams.

LTPMs need to not only excel in operating at a strategic level but also need to understand when to dive deep to keep the project on track. Specifically, LTPMs must set the bar on the ability to discover the true requirements underlying feature requests, recommend alternative technical and business approaches, and lead engineering efforts to meet aggressive timelines. Along with that, LTPMs need to clearly and concisely communicate, both verbally and in writing, with senior management on status, risks and required mitigations to maintain project commitments.

LTPMs are expected to support the team in making appropriate trade-offs to optimize time-to-market, clearly communicate goals, roles, responsibilities, and desired outcomes to internal cross-functional and remote project teams.