Threat Analyst

Proofpoint Inc Sunnyvale, CA


We are looking for a highly intelligent, driven person to join a dynamic group of people who are passionate about saving the world from the growing threat of e-mail messaging abuse. And we're competing against a very active, creative, and motivated adversary who was credited as sending over 40 trillion spam messages last year alone! If you're interested in helping us achieve our goal and rid the world of spam, we'd definitely like to speak with you. We offer a challenging environment that fosters creativity and rewards excellence.

Responsibilities include:

  • Member of a creative, enthusiastic, and geographically-distributed team (in a 24/7/365 "follow the sun" model) that is responsible for identifying, parameterizing, and responding quickly to spam attacks levied against some of the world's largest organizations
  • Provide responses and explanations to customers who request assistance through our ticketing system
  • Analyze email messages reported by customers in order to determine correct classification (spam, threat, bulk, ham)
  • Be available in an on-call basis to analyze e-mail messages to determine correct classification (spam, threat, bulk, ham)
  • Perform deep analyses of spam message headers & structures to identify novel spam features, and design regular-expression (regex) based rules to detect those features
  • Participate in attack post-mortems to improve the team's response to threats
  • Provide responses and explanations to customers in a positive, professional manner
  • Analyze misclassified messages (spam and legitimate) and make updates to spam definitions to correct their classifications.
  • Ad-hoc development of tools as necessary to aid/streamline analysis activities
  • Help us define the landscape, prevalence, and evolution of messaging abuse, threats, and attacks by participating in future requirements definition discussions of our products


  • Familiarity with Unix environments and comfort with a range of Unix command line tools for manipulating and extracting content from text files
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to convey highly technical information in an accessible manner
  • Experience with Perl, especially advanced regular expressions and Unix command line invocations
  • General familiarity with how mail delivery works, including SMTP
  • Willingness to play an important technical role that does NOT primarily involve development
  • General curiosity about the headers and structure of email messages
  • Demonstrated analytical and creative problem-solving abilities
  • Willingness to interact with customers (web and occasionally phone-based support) to help resolve their issues
  • Ability to work independently yet fully integrate with worldwide, remote teams
  • Can-do attitude with a focus on problem solving, product quality, and a strong desire to get the job done
  • Requirements/Education and/or Equivalent Experience (including technical and non-technical capabilities)
  • BSCS or equivalent, or equivalent technical experience.