Compiler Engineer/Architect

Baidu ISA team (intelligent silicon and architecture) is looking for world-class engineers in Sunnyvale CA, Seattle WA, Beijing China, and Shanghai China to research, develop, design and implement AI chips that are suitable for cloud computing, autonomous driving, digital assistant, etc. Join us and you will have the fantastic opportunity to learn these cutting-edge technologies and design the AI chips that will be used extensively internally & externally.

Job Description:

* Define and develop compiler for Baidu AI Silicon architectures

* Develop AI tool-chain, including compiler, assembler, debugger, emulator, etc.

* Analyze the performance bottleneck of industry level AI workloads on customized silicon architectures and optimize the software tool and even the hardware architecture and micro-architecture

* Work closely with hardware architect and engineers to deliver high efficient AI computing systems in various scenarios such as datacenter, autonomous vehicles, and edge devices

Preferred Experience:

* Master/ Ph.D. degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or related field or equivalent practical experience

* 5+ years of experience in compiler areas such as Clang, GCC, Open64

* Experience in contributing code to open source compilers

* Experience in developing parallel compilers (NVCC, etc)

* Experience in computer architecture and performance optimizations

* Knowledge of DNN algorithms, AI frameworks (TF/Caffe/Paddle Paddle/etc.)

* Fast learner with entrepreneur & research spirit; Good communicator and team player

* Mandarine speaker preferred