Instructional Assistant-Student Services (Specialized Schools (life))

Township High School District 214 Summit Argo, IL
POSITION: Instructional Assistant-Student Services (SS) (life) 37.5 hrs./wk. Grade 4

ASSIGNMENT: 10 Month, Temporary Assignment, Effective August 13, 2018 - June 3, 2019

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: This work involves close interaction with staff, students and parents/guardians, with the primary emphasis on the implementation of specialized or vocational educational programs. An Instructional Assistant works under the direction of a certified teacher. An employee in this position is expected to exercise independent judgment, discretion, a high degree of confidentiality and react appropriately in crisis situations as well as exhibit initiative, creativity and organizational skills.


* Must have or obtain State and NCLB Approved Paraprofessional designation in accordance with Illinois State Board of Education requirements.

* Must demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills.

* Must project a positive image of the district to the public, parents, staff and students as well as exhibit a positive employee attitude.

* Must move around in the classroom and other parts of the building as well as on field trips as needed.

* Must have previous experience working with youth.

* Must have ability to adapt to all subject areas.

* Must have knowledge of computer operations.

* May need a valid driver's license.

* Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs such as with students needing assistance.


1. Assists students under the direction of certified staff by:

* tutoring

* implementing classroom procedures and reinforcing student's positive behavior

* administering tests orally to students

* reinforcing organizational and note taking skills

* grading materials for immediate feedback

* demonstrating use of the computer for both drill and remediation as well as homework assignments

* helping the student achieve his/her IEP goals

* assisting, as needed, with students' non-medical physical needs or personal care/toileting needs*

2. Assists certified staff by:

* helping organize and supervise off-campus programs for students

* performing classroom related clerical tasks

* assisting with lab set-up and clean-up

* explaining classroom procedures and materials to substitute teacher when necessary

* previewing instructional materials

* acting as a liaison to communicate student progress

3. Continues job performance enhancement by participating in appropriate professional growth activities.

* Those hired prior to 10/1/2010 with the job title Instructional Assistant Special Education/Vaguard/Alternative Education are exempt from this requirement.

BOE 4-28-11


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