Family Assistance Worker - Ste. Genevieve Youth Day Treatment

Community Counseling Center Ste. Genevieve, MO
Family Assistance Worker

Location: Ste. Genevieve, MO


Ancillary staff shall meet at least one of the following criteria:

* Occupational therapist; or

* Physical therapist; or

* Assistant behavior analyst; or

* Individual with a bachelor's degree in child development, psychology, social work or education; or

* Individual with an associate degree with two (2) years' experience in related mental health or child related fields; or

* Individual with two (2) years of college and two (2) years' experience in related mental health or child related fields.

Job Summary:

* The Family Assistance Worker will provide intervention to children in the Day Treatment Program for the purpose of helping children remain in the school, community, and in the home, e.g. to prevent unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations, and to improve overall functioning.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Behavior Aide Functions:

* o Attending to the needs of, and providing assistance to children during Day Treatment activities within the community, under the direction of the coordinator.

* § Examples include: giving specific feedback regarding behavior, skill teaching and modeling appropriate behavior and pro-social interaction.

* § Targeted skills may include: anger management, aggression management, accepting direction from teachers/parents/other authority figures, using socially accepted gestures, making/keeping friends, effective use of leisure time, developing hobbies and play skills, mood management, appropriate use of medications, utilization of relaxation techniques, improved listening skills, appropriate expression of feelings, and overall improved communication skills.

* o Will be working with an integrated treatment team, including case managers to provide consistent care.

* Parent Assistant Function:

* o Attending the needs of children through phone calls to parents related to pick up times or schedule changes, as well as behavioral updates.

* o Facilitating periodic weekend and evening family activities.

* Meeting for continuing education as required by Community Counseling Center and individual supervision as determined by CCC.

Working Conditions:

* Full time position. Working hours must be flexible to meet client needs.

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