Supervising Housekeeper / EOA# 2018-19

State of New York Staten Island, NY
Minimum Qualifications Two years' experience in a housekeeping capacity in a multi-unit live-in facility

Duties Description As a Supervising Housekeeper, the candidate will supervise staff in the cleaning, care and upkeep of various agency office buildings and community residences including adjacent grounds and sidewalks throughout Staten Island DDSO.


Supervises a program of systematic cleaning and housekeeping, in accordance with established guidelines, at a State facility.

* Plans and schedules staff assignments and housekeeping services. Based on workload and available manpower, reassigns staff to assure that work is accomplished according to schedule and that staff is fully utilized. Arranges for reassignment of personnel to handle emergency cleaning projects.

* Informs staff at meetings and in memoranda of agency policies, directives and guidelines affecting housekeeping operation and personnel.

* Recommends changes in cleaning and housekeeping methods, equipment, supplies, and standards to ensure a more effective and efficient housekeeping program.

* Oversees the ordering and distribution of cleaning, linen, and household supplies.

* Provides instructions to staff about special procedures to be performed.

* Inspects buildings and assigned areas for compliance with cleaning program. Investigates complaints regarding unsatisfactory cleaning performance and/or missing property and takes corrective action.

* Prepares periodic reports, such as work activity, supply and manpower utilization reports, to advise administrative staff of the status of the housekeeping operation.

* May prepare annual equipment, supply, and personnel budgets for housekeeping operations.

Supervises housekeeping staff in the performance of their duties.

* Trains new employees in cleaning and housekeeping procedures and standards of the facility.

* Evaluates work performance against institution standards by review of production and activity reports and personal observations and takes appropriate remedial action to improve work performance.

* Assures the efficient and effective use of time by the staff by such means as enforcing the attendance rules, resolving disciplinary problems, and meeting established work standards and schedules.

* Recommends retention or termination of probationary employees.

* May interview prospective employees and recommend selection of qualified candidate.


* Good knowledge of the agencies and institutions housekeeping practices and procedures

* Good knowledge of cleaning equipment and effective housekeeping work performance standards.

* Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

* Working knowledge of the properties of various cleaning substances.

* Working knowledge of household and cleaning supply requisitioning, inventory, and distribution practices and techniques.

* Basic knowledge of personnel practices related to hiring, evaluating employee performance, and interpreting employee rights and benefits as outlined in labor-management agreements.

* Ability to supervise a large group of employees.

* Ability to recognize below standard work performance and take appropriate remedial action.

* Ability to understand, interpret, and carry out oral and written instructions and directives pertaining to housekeeping operations.

* Ability to prepare numerical production reports and factual written reports of the unit's activities.

* Ability to communicate orally with others to exchange information and to provide guidance about housekeeping operations.

* Valid NYS Driver's License

Additional Comments •For CSEA positions: Local Bidding Agreements will be honored. Employees on long term leave can bid on positions but must be able to report to work within fourteen (14) days and be able to perform the essential functions of their positions with or without reasonable accommodation (RA). If an employee believes that he or she needs a reasonable accommodation, they should contact the NYS OPWDD Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Central Office at (518) 402-7644 or Email at to obtain information and RA forms.

* Preference will be given to OPWDD employees impacted by closures. If you are being impacted by closure, please indicate this on your resume/cover letter.

* All OPWDD employees must be eligible and maintain eligibility for full and unconditional participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Continued employment will depend on maintaining eligibility.