Investigation Specialist

Equian LLC Southfield, MI
The Investigation Specialist is responsible for investigating new cases with potential recovery opportunities. This position is required to use various available means to investigate subrogation sources which include but are not limited to internet searches and phone calls.

An Investigation Specialist is responsible for:

* Contacting insurance carriers, businesses, providers, and attorneys by phone, email and on some occasions by using US mail.

* Prioritizing and keeping track of work in an internal database.

* Initiating claims with insurance carriers.

* Obtain claim information from insurance companies and attorneys.

* Accurately updating cases with appropriate documentation within the internal database.

* Accurately assign cases according to a distribution.

* Record and report investigation production numbers to supervisor at the end of each work day.

* Use various means available to investigate subrogation recovery sources.

* Communicate effectively with insurance companies, businesses, healthcare providers, members, etc.

* Follow proper procedure to investigate cases as documented in Department Training Manual.

* Request police reports from police departments, internet sources, etc.,

* Run an ISO on cases when necessary.

* Continuously work towards meeting Departmental and Corporate Goals.

* Other duties as assigned.