Business Development Manager -- Manufacturing
 South Seattle, WA
Business Development Manager-Manufacturing

(Job Announcement)


If you have solid leadership experience in the manufacturing sector and would like to work for a national leader in a niche industry, consider the following position:


We are looking for a Business Development Manager to be involved in the many processes of initiation, development and conclusion of significant projects. Some of these projects can take a few years to conclude, so organization and attention to detail are required.   This position is for a person who desires to develop professionally and personally into a unique and fulfilling career. This position reports to the CEO.


Responsibilities include (summary):

Since this is considered a career position with long-term professional goals, the scope of responsibility will grow in phases according to the abilities of the employee.


Phase I- Become accustom to the scope of the business and administer the following:

> Source solicitations from Government websites

> Assist in determining costs, sales prices and submitting web-based quotes in a timely manner

> Manages quote logs and enters orders

> Communication with non-project customers


Phase II-Become more familiar with customers, suppliers and company departments and perform the previous tasks with less supervision:

> Organize/manage all customer files

> Develop estimates, maintain bid/audit books

> Support production and quality departments with supplier coordination and/or purchasing

> Source new product suppliers for potential new sales direction, while researching/pursuing new customers and/or opportunities


Phase III- Engage in more significant ways with Customers while maintaining/administrating the previous Phases of work without supervision:

>  Further engagement with project Customers with project coordination

> Assume more control and organization of project Customer files

> Begin limited communication with project Customers, supporting coordination of bids

> Become familiar with, then develop and maintain project Billing Plans


Phase IV-Grow into one of the more significant contributing leadership positions in the company while maintaining/administrating the previous Phases of work without supervision:

> Begin direct involvement with the company’s project Customers and coordinate the major bid efforts

> Manage all Customer communications and relationships with full involvement in all customer issues

> Manage all customer bid and order files

> Plan and coordinate billings and invoices

> Manage all aspects of Business Development for the Company


Skills and Capabilities include:


> Bachelor’s degree in Business or related field

> Minimum of 5 years in direct sales and customer relations

> Minimum of 3 years of Project Management

> Minimum of 2 years of manufacturing experience with experience in reading schematics and drawings

> Significant organizational skills; willing to work multiple tasks with changing priorities

> Advanced level of written/verbal communication, Word and Excel skills

>  Desire to grow professionally and personally and take on increasing responsibilities

> Work with a confident, respectful, positive attitude with production, management and Customers

> Work style should be one of integrity, conscientiousness, respect for all and reliability


This is a unique opportunity to work for a unique leader in a unique industry. All applicants must be US citizens, pass a drug and background tests.  Contact of you are interested or have questions.