Diversity Resource Staffing. Inc
 SoHo, NY
This startup wants to hire a hands-on, lead from the front Tech Lead who will have a fast track to Engineering Manager.

What they're looking for: 

● Technical leadership - You not only lead by example by building great software and systems, but inspire and push the team around you to do so by helping to mentor them to make the best technical decisions and write high quality code. 

● Craftsmanship - You care about writing well-structured code and building great software. You understand the trade-offs when we have to move faster, but you prioritize writing clean code with the right abstractions. 

● Full stack - Comfortable moving up and down the stack. It matters less that you know the exact frameworks and tools that we use, but more that you are willing and able to learn. 

● Product thinking - The ability to think about what we’re building from the customer point of view. To build the best products, the engineering team must empathize and build products with the customer in mind. 

You have: 

● Experience building a world-class web or mobile application at scale 

● 5+ years in a full-stack production environment (Django, Rails, or Node)

-Mentored, Lead or Managed at least 2 to 3 engineers

● Experience with React and a backend MVC framework 

● Experience scaling a web application not just with number of users but also contributors to the codebase and feature set / surface area 

● Experience breaking out services from a monolith is a big plus 

● Experience building an application with different user types that are closely networked is a plus 

● Built high reliability and robust systems at scale with strong monitoring and alerting 

● Experience leading key technical decisions and stuck around to deal with the consequences 

● Worked in an environment with fast iteration cycles, ideally with continuous integration 

● Ability to rapidly prototype and knowing when to evolve prototypes to a production-ready state 

SKILLS AND CERTIFICATIONS [note: bold skills and certification are required]


MVC Framework


Security Clearance Required: No

Visa Candidate Considered: Yes



Base Salary - $170,000 to $190,000 *** Never repost ***

Full-time Benefits - Full

Relocation Assistance Available - Possible for ideal candidate

Commission Compensation - No

Bonus Eligible - No

Overtime Eligible - No

Interview Travel Reimbursed - Yes


5+ to 7 years experience

Seniority Level - Mid-Senior

Management Experience Required - No

Minimum Education - Bachelor's Degree

Willingness to Travel - Never



Django, GraphQL, React on FE

iOS Swift

Data processing Scala, runs on Spark, loads data into Kafka, and ElasticSearch



  • Team size 12 total, 6 engineers, 4 designers, 2 Mkt people

  • Will be the lead over Web devs, mobile Devs (mobile devs Will self manage)

  • Need a Fullstack, backend heavy engineer/lead, who knows DB infrastructure, AWS well.

  • Someone who wants to build cool stuff but who doesn't care about titles. Startup DNA type

  • This role is a fast track for Management, they will be promoting this role to Manager in the short to medium term


NICE to Have:

Startup experience

Previous an Early hire at a startup is great, very interested in them.

People who have managed their own teams.

Like people who volunteer or teach 


MUST Haves-

Scaling Web applications

Someone who understand big moving web application.

Rails or Node or Django heavy backend experience

Some experience with React required.



Extremely well funded, in excess of $400 Million dollar startup