Health Information Management Coord

Diversicare Smyrna, TN

Health Information Management Coordinator

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We are seeking a Health Information Managmenet Coordinator that has a passion for providing the highest quality of care with compassion and integrity!

We live our Core Values of Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Teamwork & Stewardship every day with every life we touch, providing exceptional healthcare and exceeding expectations.

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The Health Information Management Coordinator is responsible for maintaining an accurate and complete medical record. The Coordinator oversees daily the active medical record to ensure it is complete and accurate. They also initiate and maintain all clinical record review audits for documentation improvement processes and purposes. The Coordinator assists in achieving compliance with all health information privacy-related regulations through planning, organization, implementing and maintaining processes related to awareness and understanding of the privacy practices and requirements set forth under federal and state law.


Closely oversees and audits medical records for new admissions/readmissions and maintains the clinical record throughout the resident's entire stay within the center.Oversees the transcription of physician's orders for completeness and accuracyMaintains electronic and hybrid clinical records for all patients/residents in an organized manner.Upholds the confidentiality of the patient/resident records to protect the sensitive information contained within.Managing and retrieving patient/resident records and release to authorized company personnel only.Reviews resident clinical records to verify established core data record set contains, at minimum, resident identifiable information, demographic information, diagnosis, treatment, and results of treatment.Monitors records for omissions and initiates follow-up involving the relevant Department Head/Managers and provides review results to center Administrator and Quality Improvement Process Committee for improvement opportunities as necessary.Routinely thins hybrid charts according to established processes.Maintains separate files for active, thinned and discharged resident hybrid records in an organized fashion, for security and ease of retrieval.Within 24 hours (or upon return from weekend, holidays or afterhours) of resident discharge or death, retrieves all records; initiates the process of placing hybrid record files in order and reviews electronic and hybrid records for completeness; routes deficient findings to appropriate staff member with follow-up to ensure completeness of records; reports deficient findings to the center Administrator.Addresses requests for clinical records and submits to the Corporate Compliance department within a timely manner while maintaining records confidentiality.Oversight of storage and destruction of records, according to the Record Retention/Destruction processes, and maintains log of destroyed records.Participates in the center's Denials Management processes and is actively involved in records review with retrieval of supporting documentation as necessary.Active participant in center's Quality Improvement Program Committee, Clinical Star Up, Daily Business Meetings, Care Management Meeting, and any other area which benefits from the findings of record review activities.Proactively supports and participates in transitioning from hybrid health records to a fully integrated electronic medical records system.Communicates with the company IT Department and is the center representative regarding electronic equipment and/or repair need(s).Other duties as assigned



An LPN/LVN is preferred, a Health Information Management or RHIT (Registered Health Information Technician) background is also acceptable. A minimum of three years' experience in Long Term Care or Post-Acute is desired.Knowledgeable of electronic health records and health information systems/applications.Must possess strong analytical skills with special attention to details.Ability to compile, interpret and utilize statistical and clinical data.Knowledgeable of legal aspects of documentation and medical terminology.Knowledgeable of regulatory and compliance practices, specific to state and federal requirements, related to health information.Knowledgeable of privacy and security regulations related to confidentiality, access, and release of information practices.Must possess basic working knowledge of International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) coding processes and maintains skills related to future updated classification systems versions.Must have strong communication skills and work in a team-oriented fashion.Must be self-motivated and function independently within the scope of this position.Must be organized and proficient in daily task assignments


Working Conditions:Must have the ability to organize and prepare records, charts, and audits according to established protocol. Ability to interpret guidelines, protocols, policies, and procedures and to determine compliance to recognized standards. The potential for exposure to bio-hazardous waste and blood borne pathogens exists. Must have ability to document findings, thoroughly review records, and have good organizational skills.

Physical Effort:

Sedentary, at desk most of the time; close eye (visual) work with use of computer screen or paper; use of repetitive hand movement and arms necessary for frequent keyboard use, reaching, handling of reports and files; up and down movement from desk frequently; stooping, kneeling required to work with files.

Physical Environment:

Inside center/facility environment and/or external storage area

Sensory Attention:

Near-visual acuity is necessary for close work where accuracy is most important; comprehensive ability required to read and understand medical terminology, written reports, create reports and extract pertinent information from health records.

Mental StressAdaption to the work environment for sorting, filing, and assembling charts, notes, and orders

may be repetitive at times. Deadlines for production of reports and compliance reviews may cause long hours and stress to meet company, state, and federal guidelines.

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