Cell Technician

Silgan Dispensing
 Slatersville, RI

Position Summary: This position is responsible for producing dispensing closures in a quality and cost efficient manner, troubleshooting process problems, and performing any necessary changes, as well as elements of quality and productivity.

Functions: Ensures mold, assembly machine and auxiliary equipment runs to set standards. Based on product specifications, performs hourly checks on caps and spouts. Performs specified functional testing throughout shift. Responsible for the recording of all quality data and test results. Troubleshoot problems within the production process and make authorized system changes. If problems are not repairable, takes appropriate action to maintain production including notifying appropriate individuals. Performs Mattec changes and process adjustments if needed. Ensures proper procedures are followed with respect to mold line clearance and press clean down to prevent product contamination. Responsible for performing and documenting daily preventative maintenance schedule to include: cleaning mold faces, wiping assembly machine tracks, cleaning presses and conveyors and validating assembly machine. Performs material handling tasks including emptying boxes, filed boxes, applying proper labels, full and empty color bins, scrap handling and recording of production and scrap for assigned shifts. Maintains a well-organized and clean shop floor complying with all safety standards and regulations. Maintains a neat and orderly work area, keeping walkways and aisles clear. Performs general housekeeping duties such as sweeping and trash removal. When work in primary classification is not available, may perform other duties according to skill and availability.