Insurance Officer
Farm Credit Services of America, PCA/Flca
 Sioux Falls, SD


Serve as the primary agent for the smaller and/or part-time customer segment (generally less than 750 acres), and provide indirect support of all customers for the region. Incumbents will have a defined portfolio to service and goals to increase the net acre growth of that portfolio. Responsible for tracking, monitoring, and managing the workflow for assigned accounts between the marketplace and AIPs to ensure policy requirements and provisions are met. Enter insurance data in multiple processing software systems. Provide consistent high quality service that is timely, thorough, and responsive to meet and exceed customer expectations. Collaborate with Regional teams to reach sales goals.




Essential functions of the position include, but are not limited to:


  • Sell crop, crop-hail and supplemental insurance to walk-in customers as applicable to Region. Communicate options to the customer, utilizing the website tools, policy provisions, etc. to assist the customer in making risk management decisions. Prepare and present quotes,
  • Proactively identify future customer needs and opportunities for cross selling of products. Will have a sales growth goal for existing net acre growth and a new acre goal. Develop personal marketing plan and update annually around customer needs and risk tolerance. Look for all opportunities to cross sell all products and services to customers. Assist region with marketing plan to achieve region business and product depth goals.
  • Develop proposals for customers or prospects, utilizing financial information gathered independently and from interaction with Financial Officers in preparation of prospect sales calls.
  • Provide product and sales expertise to region staff, prospects and customers. Responsible for providing referrals to other members of the Regional and Associations' sales teams.
  • Utilize the Associations' sales tools, techniques and technology (i.e. Relationship, AgentPro, etc.) to effectively complete, track and document sales and customer activities.

Grade 19: Develop knowledge of systems and begin to apply knowledge by participating in preparation and presentation of quotes to customers. Work completed independently with oversight.

Grade20: Solid understanding of applicable systems and able to participate in interpreting complex policies. Prepare and present quotes with limited oversight for smaller, less complex customers.

Grade 21: Independently prepare and present quotes. Will have larger and more complex customers, including walk-in customers with policies greater than 750 acres. Serve as subject matter expert and make sales presentations at insurance sales seminars as needed.

Grade 22: Independently prepare and present quotes, and ability to handle the most complex and larger policies for customers served in the office. Provide guidance and assistance to less experienced Insurance Officers. Work towards specific sales goals, develop own prospect list, and work with walk in customers. May work with Outside sales to gain some experience. Serve as subject matter expert and make sales presentations at insurance sales seminars as needed.

Service and Processing

  • Serve as the primary agent for servicing of crop and hail insurance policies that are less than 750 acres. Responsible for the following servicing activities within the assigned portfolio, including entering the information directly online with the AIP system as appropriate:
  • Renew insurance policies
  • Process policy changes
  • Collect and process acreage information and actual production history records. Leverage customer's precision farming data to gather acreage reporting and production reporting information.
  • Report, track, and review claims for accuracy
  • Assist customers with payment-related questions/concerns
  • Process insurance forms from multiple insurance vendors for Multi-Peril, Crop Hail and Supplemental products utilizing insurance company software, as well as internal processing software according to underwriting requirements and current processes and procedures. Verify correct application of underwriting and actuarial calculations by insurance company software.
  • Responsible for managing the workflow for assigned accounts in AgentPro to ensure all documents are processed and reported timely.
  • Work with Insurance team members and/or AIP Company directly to provide problem resolution with customer
  • Responsible for coordination and processing of written agreements and hail claims for the office and/or region
  • Accountable for generation and mailing of Schedules Of Insurance for the office

Grade 19: Gain and grow in general knowledge of responsibilities until able to function independently.

Grade 20: Competent to perform job role with direction on complex situations. Will provide limited support as they gain experience and knowledge for smaller less complex customers.

Grade 21: Fluent in all aspects of the processes with exception of most complex situation. Provide guidance to less experienced incumbents on less complex situations. May sit in on renewals for less experienced staff.

Grade 22: Expert in all aspects of the processes and provide guidance to less experienced incumbents. Provide assistance on most complex customers and handle claims of key accounts in addition to claims in their own portfolio.

Insurance Vendors

  • Develop and maintain a working relationship with insurance vendor representatives to improve sales and service to regional offices and customers.
  • Make business placement decisions based upon AIP products and offerings.
  • Verify electronic insurance documents reflect current information and through use of insurance website reports and other resources, ensure complete and accurate reporting to meet deadlines.
  • Make independent decisions regarding implementation of insurance rules utilizing official regulatory resources.
  • Coordinate with Insurance Support Specialists and insurance company personnel regarding application of complex insurance rules for specific customer insurance policy situations.
  • Complete internal tracking and follow-up with insurance companies on insurance reporting forms requiring insurance company and other regulatory review.

Sales Support

  • Assist the Insurance Officer - Outside Sales in Region with the following activities as needed to balance workloads:
  • Preparing customer quotes and attending customer meetings as applicable
  • Monitoring workflow in AgentPro
  • Populating forms utilizing precision farming data
  • Collecting production history and process in the AIP system
  • Coordinate customer communications (postcards, newsletters, etc.) for the office and/or Region


  • Utilize multiple insurance company and government websites to obtain general information and to monitor progress regarding specific policies. Participate in collaborative decision-making regarding implementation of insurance rules and development of internal processes.
  • Assist with identifying updates and request changes to Insurance SharePoint processes, forms and resources.
  • Assist the VP Related Services with onboarding new Insurance Team members in Region and serve as a resource for training for other Inside Sales Officers. Assist in providing training support for regional offices related to insurance programs
  • Assist Leader with implementing training programs developed by both external insurance companies and by the Associations.

Grade 19: N/A

Grade 20: N/A

Grade 21: Provide some training to less experienced incumbents. Mentor less experienced team members. May present at meetings.

Grade 22: In addition to requirements for grade 21, participate in cross-functional workgroups, and mentor other less experienced team members for larger more complex customers.

Additional functions of the position may include:

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Job Grade 19: Ideal candidate will have a minimum of one to three years related experience in insurance or ag related field. Knowledge of crop and hail insurance products preferred.

Job Grade 20: Ideal candidate will have one to three years' experience as a licensed crop insurance agent or insurance company representative. Four to six years in a closely related ag field with professional sales and service experience will be considered. Must possess demonstrated skills in selling. Solid knowledge and demonstrated expertise of crop and hail insurance products required as well as a solid understanding of insurance industry.

Job Grade 21: Ideal candidate will have a minimum of five to seven years of related experience. minimum of three years experience as licensed crop insurance agent or insurance company representative or six to eight years in a closely related ag field. Must possess demonstrated expertise in sales and ability to develop prospect list. In-depth knowledge and demonstrated expertise of crop and hail insurance products required as well as a solid understanding of insurance industry.

Job Grade 22: Same as level 21 but with focus on larger and most complex policies, as well as policies that cross multiple Regions and States. Ideal candidate will have 8

  • years of experience with demonstrated expertise in sales and prospecting for new customers.

All Levels: Ideal candidate will have a two or four-year college degree and/or a combination of related experience or specialized training. Must possess applicable current insurance licenses (or have the ability to obtain). Ability to complete internal sales training, such as Professional Selling Skills (PSS) training course.

Job Level



Sales Goals


average up to 750

Smaller, Least Complex

Growth of existing portfolio and referrals


average up to 750

Small to Mid-Size, Moderately Complex

Growth of existing portfolio and referrals; new acre goal of 1000 acres


average up to 1,250

Mid-size to large, Complex

Growth of existing portfolio and referrals; new acre goal of 1500 acres


average up to 1,500

Larger/Most Complex

Growth of existing portfolio and referrals; new acre goal of 2000 acres

Note: Policy complexity and size varies by Region and location. Leader will interpret the above guidelines accordingly.

Dated: March 2018

Duties require:

  • A broad working knowledge of Farm Credit Services of America and Frontier Farm Credit processes.
  • Fundamental to expert understanding of crop and crop hail sales and policy administration.
  • Fundamental knowledge of the Associations' loan products.
  • Ability to work independently with remotely located supervision and direction.
  • Basic to expert knowledge of insurance principles and their application to insurance delivery.
  • Ability to appropriately handle confidential materials.
  • Very high level of accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Strong human relations, written and oral communication skills.
  • Effective conflict resolution skills.
  • Ability to initiate, organize and prioritize work.
  • Knowledge of Association insurance policies, procedures, standards and guidelines required.
  • Ability to use Insurance Company websites, Government websites, Insurance Company quoting and processing software in addition to internal software such as SharePoint, AgentPro, and digital tools.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and effectively demonstrate team building attitude and skills.
  • Proficient in Windows environment using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer.


Extensive internal contact with Regional teams. Regular contact with Omaha teams. Extensive contact with Insurance Services Teams and frequent contact with insurance customers for sales and service of policies.


  • Ability to use computer. This involves reading the screen and keying/typing information. Proficient in Windows environment using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer. Ability to use and understand various computer software related to carrying out essential responsibilities of the position.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment and effectively demonstrate team building attitude and skills.
  • Ability to reason, judge, compare, calculate, evaluate and critique such information as written materials, numerical data, responses to customer needs and/or other work related activities.
  • Ability to complete work in an acceptable timeframe and manage a variety of detailed tasks and responsibilities simultaneously and with accuracy to meet deadlines, goals, and objectives and satisfy internal and external customer needs related to the job.
  • Ability to understand and explain various subject matter and consult on concepts, programs, terminology and methods.
  • Ability to provide sound technical advice to clients and potential clients in the subject field(s) related to this position.
  • Ability to operate the telephone and respond to calls and in-person inquiries.
  • Ability to move about the office with occasional reaching and bending.
  • Ability to successfully interact with and represent the organization to staff, officers, board members, customers, industry specialists, and the public at all levels.
  • Ability to use a keyboard/calculator/computer. This involves reading the screen and keying/typing information.
  • Ability to work some irregular hours.
  • Ability to travel by auto or commercial transportation (up to 10%) to carry out essential responsibilities.

Requirements of the job include the ability to do the work, with or without reasonable accommodations. It is the Association's policy to make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Leadership retains the right to add, subtract or change duties of the position at any time.

This document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, other than “at will“ employment relationship.

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.