Patient Service Supervisor

ABM Industries
 Shreveport, LA

Responsible for supervision and service of meals to patients, hospital staff and/or visitors. Provide leadership consistent with the ABM Healthcare Support Services standard operating procedures.


  • Actualizes the ABM Healthcare Support Services Mission, Vision and Value statements.
  • Maintains professional behavior consistent with role as well as composure in difficult interpersonal situations.
  • Knows who all their customers are and initiates and maintains positive relationships with them; promotes a customer service mindset at all times with both internal and external customers. Responds to all requests from customers with a can do attitude. Follows up on requests with a sense of urgency.
  • Initiates and maintains positive relationships with co-workers/associates in an effort to build a strong team.
  • Develops, facilitates, and monitors the process for customer service improvement initiatives and suggest new methods that lead to better service.
  • Completes all required ABM Healthcare Support Services weekly and monthly reports in a timely manner; presenting information to be submitted in a neat and professional format.
  • Monitors training programs to ensure compliance and completion within given time frames; conducts in-service training as required.
  • Follows Universal Precautions/Infection Control Procedures.
  • Demonstrates understanding of HIPPA Privacy Act; maintains confidentiality of patient information.
  • Leads and/or actively participates in customer service improvement initiatives and suggest new methods that lead to better service.
  • Participates and conducts regularly scheduled meetings with assigned staff.
  • Develops/coaches department associates to ensure fullest potential is reached by providing feedback, suggesting ways for them to improve skills or build relations with peers, hospital staff, patients and customers.
  • Promotes and drives departmental TQM/Customer Service initiatives; makes rounds to meet with customers, assess if their meal expectations are being met and implement service recovery as needed.
  • Proactively reports pertinent feedback to assigned manager in a timely manner.
  • Ensures that required ABM Healthcare Support Services standard operating procedures are followed and implements and maintains department policies and procedures to ensure programs meet goals within a clean and safe environment.
  • Directs staff on the proper use of all supplies/equipment in all areas; notifies maintenance of equipment in need of repair and/or works; takes corrective action as needed until equipment operable.
  • Monitors service, food production, sanitation and safety; identifies problems and directs staff as to corrective action to resolve and prevent occurrences.
  • Develops and implements cleaning schedules and completes sanitation inspections.
  • Ensures temperature records for food, coolers, and freezers are completed and filed per policy and procedure.
  • Document employee report offs and reports occurrences.
  • Assists with hiring and training new employees interviews candidates for, ensures new employees are instructed on job responsibilities how and how to safely operate and clean equipment.
  • Maintains organizational records to include, but not limited to time maintenance, accident/incident reports, associate health requirements and maintenance work orders.
  • Completes daily, weekly and/or monthly work schedules and reports.
  • Provides direct line supervision and relief for positions under his/her direction.
  • Inventories and controls usage of supplies.
  • Takes proactive measures to ensure food quality, portion control and minimize waste.
  • Visually inspects and tastes all food products prior to opening for service; assist in preparation of foods as needed and ensures quality food for all areas.
  • Ensures meal service is provided at designated times for all services.
  • Ensures all opened/leftover food is stored properly (covered, labeled, and dated).
  • Ensures department and annual facility training programs are completed within given time frames; conducts in-service training with associates.
  • Maintains employee files, time and attendance records and corrective action process; aware of and enforces all Human Resource procedures as noted in employee personnel manual.
  • Participates in annual performance evaluation process for assigned staff ensuring review are completed per facility guidelines and time frames.
  • Takes responsibility for self-development supports a learning environment.
  • Reports to work on time, in proper attire; requests time of in advance; follows ABM Healthcare Support Services vacation and attendance policies and procedure guidelines.
  • Demonstrates understanding of Age-Specific Characteristics for population served through age appropriate communications and care.
  • Participates in facility community service events or does volunteer work in community.
  • Complete other duties as assigned by manager.
  • Able to respond to emergencies at both nighttime and on weekends as required. Able to handle varying workloads and meet deadlines as necessary.
  • Able to respond to emergencies at both nighttime and on weekends as required.
  • Able to handle varying workloads and meet deadlines as necessary.


  • Maintain a professional appearance at all times.
  • Participate in scheduled department meetings.
  • Effectively coordinate the activities of others in order to meet goals and objectives.
  • Effectively schedule the work of others to complete operations, programs, or activities.
  • Exchange and/or obtain information from patients, families, and visitors in a tactful and professional manner.
  • Use appropriate grammar and writing styles to compose professionally written general correspondence.
  • Expediently write proposals and/or reports that clearly communicate or summarize information and satisfy the requestor.
  • Conduct meetings or lead group discussions in an effective and time-efficient manner.
  • Be prepared; take an appropriate role; facilitate active participation; manage disruptions, and ensure that meetings consistently end on time and achieve stated objectives