Software Development Engineer, Inc. Shoreline, WA

Alexa is the Amazon cloud service that powers Echo, the groundbreaking Amazon device designed around your voice. We believe voice is the most natural user interface for interacting with technology across many domains; we are inventing the future. The Smart Home within Alexa is focused on making Alexa the user interface for the home. From the simplest voice commands (turn on the lights, turn down the heat) to use cases spanning home security, home entertainment, and home environment, we are evolving Alexa into intelligent, indispensable companion that automates daily routines, simplifies interaction with appliances and electronics, and alerts when something unusual is detected.

Smart Home Platform team is responsible for developing Smart Home Skill API, managing the smart device life cycle that includes setup, discovery, control and state. As a Engineer on the team, you will develop highly scalable services to manage billions of smart device connected to Alexa through cloud. Your work will span across Alexa skills, voice user interfaces, cloud services, and a rapidly-growing ecosystem of IoT devices. You will help lay the foundation to move from directed device interactions to learned behaviors that span multiple devices throughout the home. You will have the satisfaction of working on a product your friends and family can relate to, and want to use every day. Like the Smart phones 10 years ago, we believe Smart Home Ecosystem has rare opportunity to have a giant impact on the way people live.