Senior Mechanical Engineer

We are looking for confident and capable leaders that candirect a team of mechanical engineers through design, approvals, and executionof Katerra commercial building projects.

Because Katerra touches all aspects of building design andexecution, the candidate will have unprecedented freedom and responsibility todeliver HVAC solutions that are better, cheaper, and faster than the statusquo. We're looking for candidates that are eager to coordinate across design,sourcing, R&D, manufacturing, and construction teams at Katerra totransform the way we heat, cool, and ventilate our buildings.

EssentialDuties & Responsibilities

* Acting as engineer of record (actualstamping/signing drawings optional).

* Directing the work of a team of mechanicalengineers, both local and remote, through design, permitting, and constructionof a variety of commercial building projects across the country.

* Working with design, R&D, sourcing,manufacturing, and construction teams to execute projects on time and onbudget.

* Leveraging projects to identify ways toimprove Katerra's building product (in partnership with project managementsupport staff).

* Organizing project workflow.

* Identifying and monitoring the criticalpath.

* Tracking resources and budget.

* Keeping Katerra collaborators informed andmotivated.

* Selecting and developing HVAC designtalent.

RequiredSkills & Experience

* Licensed professional mechanical engineer.

* 10+ years of HVAC design experience inmulti-family, residential, commercial & industrial buildings (multi-familyor residential experience is essential).

* 5+ years of leading HVAC design projects inmulti-family, residential, commercial & industrial buildings (multi-familyor residential experience is essential).

* Bachelor's degree in mechanical orarchitectural engineering.

* Experience leading design, specification,approvals, and construction administration for both airside and watersidemechanical systems.

* Demonstrated skill and commitment toleading development of permit and construction documents.

* Demonstrated effectiveness at leadinghigh-performing teams and both hiring and developing engineering talent.

* Detailed knowledge of IBC and UBC familiesof codes along with local codes, especially those in the region surroundingyour place of hire.

* Excellent writing, organization, andcommunication skills.

* Team player driven by a desire to makebetter buildings.

* Ability to navigate and review designdocuments in a variety of BIM environments (Revit, AutoCAD, etc.).

* Ability to communicate complex designconcepts clearly and quickly using either manual (sketches, mockups, etc.)and/or digital tools (Bluebeam, etc.).

* Demonstrated ability to interact directlywith clients, represent Katerra, and skillfully interpret design requirements.

PreferredSkills & Experience

* Master's degree in mechanical engineering.

* Engineering experience as part of adesign/build or manufactured housing company.

* Demonstrated engagement in ASHRAE, ACEEE orother related industry organizations.

* LEED AP accreditation or other demonstratedexperience with sustainable design.

* Energy/thermal modeling experience ordemonstrated knowledge.