Non Registered Technician - Hematology Dept
 Shoreline, WA

Position Description

You will perform with proficiency all routine, standard analyses in assigned areas, understanding techniques, principles, quality control, theory, and instrumentation. You will recognize, troubleshoot and initiate corrective action for most routine problems in a timely fashion. You will carry out supervisor's directives.

You are responsible for the receiving and processing laboratory specimens into the hematology department. You will load instrumentation, organize workloads, store specimens, and assist the department as necessary. You will assist in training other lab assistant staff. You will act in the best interest of patient care and LabCorp.


Bachelors degree in Science, Biology or Chemistry major preferred. Effective written and verbal communication skills. Professional interaction with physicians, hospital staff, clients and all levels of laboratory staff.




Monday - Friday 6:00pm - 2:30am