Infrastructure Engineering Manager

Moz is looking for an engineering manager for the Technical Operations Engineering team who is responsible for system engineering and operational support for datacenter based hardware and software. This team designs, manages, and administers networks, and systems, including servers, storage, switches, database, virtualization, routers and firewalls. Some of the activities for this team include assessment, design, implementation, configuration, documentation, coordination, control, maintenance, troubleshooting, security, usage monitoring and the development of specialized procedures for systems. They are also responsible for capacity planning, tuning, system monitoring, system performance and problem resolution across all aspects of the infrastructure.

What's important to us

* Servant-Leadership. Our teams thrive through coaching and enabling rather than getting directions. We strive to be supportive, patient, and people-focused.

* Technical savvy. Being technically knowledgeable is good, but having an informed point-of-view for how to make good decisions and deliver quality technical work is key for sustaining quality products.

* A commitment to shipping. It's important to deliver, and we value getting our projects completed and out the door quickly.

* Curiosity and motivation to learn. Our industry is always changing and iterating on more efficient ways to do things, we are committed to continuous learning and inspire our teams to be curious and willing to adapt to new things.

* Bias for repeatability. We have intense desire to eliminate doing things manually whenever it makes sense.

* Collaboration. Team-focused communication, knowledge-sharing, and problem solving make us more effective.

* Diversity & Inclusivity. Moz is committed to building diverse teams where people of all identities and backgrounds are welcome, included, and respected. We work to help close the gender gap in tech, and to actively recruit people from other underrepresented groups. We strongly encourage women, gender diverse people, and minority candidates to apply for this role.

What you'll do

* Lead a team of 6 engineers and help them grow their performance, technical skill, and professional capabilities

* Coach the team in delivering infrastructure that provides capabilities to all of our engineering teams

* Balance the value between technical investments and retiring debt within the roadmap process

* Work with our engineering teams to understand their infrastructure needs so you can build your roadmap

* Be part of building a culture of collaborative product- and customer-focused development across engineering teams.

* Help build technology and practices that will support growth and sustain operation of Moz products over the next several years

* Automate manual processes for the purpose of self-service and "sameness".

* Transition our company from hybrid Datacenter/AWS mix to full cloud hosting.

* Build and execute on a security roadmap.

* Work cross-team on large company initiatives.

* Work with your management team to build org-wide and company-wide processes and policies.

* Build a strong team of independent, self-managed continuous learners.

Experience we want to see

* 2+ years of experience leading engineers as manager with hiring responsibility.

* 6+ years experience delivering infrastructure and infrastructure services.

* Understanding and support for pragmatic, agile software development practices.

* Ability to be a team mentor, lead by example, build trust and relationships.

* Understanding and support for automation and/or infrastructure as code practices.

* Healthy understanding and respect for Devops practices.

* Experience maintaining a datacenter.

* Experience with cloud computing environments like AWS, GCP and/or Azure.

* Significant experience as a systems, database, or network engineer.

* Strong understanding of infrastructure core components including Storage, Systems and/or Networking.

* Understanding of general large-scale distributed services and infrastructure, from network designs to overall system architecture.

* Advanced understanding of general infrastructure operation, and ability to drive a team to incident resolution, troubleshoot and resolve issues in a timely manner.

* Experience using metrics and data to drive visibility into your infrastructure.

About Moz

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Sneak Peak at the Goodies

* Competitive salary, 401K, stock options

* Generous time off plus $3,000 per year towards your vacation!!

* Home internet and transportation subsidies

* 150% charitable donation match

* And so much more (feel free to grill us about the rest in the interview!)

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Moz is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to providing a work environment that is free from any form of discrimination. Moz values diversity and fosters mutual respect among its employees.

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