Custodian (245)

New Naschitti Elementary School Shiprock, NM
Position: Custodian

Supervisor: Head Custodian, Building Principal and District Custodian Supervisor

Work Site: Central Consolidated School District No. 22

General Job Description:

The Custodian is responsible for keeping assigned building(s) clean, safe, functional and secure in accordance with district policies and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Perform regular custodial duties in assigned area(s) of building(s).

* Change combinations on lockers and maintain log of combinations

* Accept instructions from head custodian/supervisor verbally or in writing.

* Provide services as necessary to support curricular and extracurricular events and activities.

* Restock disposable custodial/maintenance items and provide head custodian/supervisor with inventory usage data.

* Clean and preserve designated spaces, equipment, furniture, etc. in the building(s).

* Assist visiting members of the public who are utilizing the facilities.

* Maintain work related records and prepare work reports as directed.

* Project a positive image for the schools district with his/her team, whenever the public, guests, or visitors are in the building.

* Must clock in/out daily with the Kronos time clock system

* Work closely with the head custodian/supervisor and/or building administrator(s) to be prepared for scheduled evening activities and unscheduled events as needed.

* Shovel snow and salt walks as needed.

* Maintain building and grounds security by opening/closing the building each school day and during special events as directed.

* Work on call as needed at any time for emergency repairs, equipment monitoring, overtime, or special needs falling outside of normal working hours.

* Identify and schedule work to be performed during summer, winter, and spring break.

* Accept other duties as assigned by the Director of Facilities/Administration or his/her designee.

* Comply with all Board of Education policies, administrative regulations, Public Education Department guidelines and local, state and federal laws.

* Perform other job responsibilities as assigned.


* High School Diploma or GED certificate

* Verbal and written communication skills and ability to read and comprehend written/graphic and oral instructions

* Any combination of training, education or experience that meets minimum requirements

Physical/Job Requirements:

Standing, sitting, walking, lifting, carrying up to 50 pounds, climbing, bending, reaching, kneeling, driving a vehicle, traveling long distances, writing, typing, work processing, reading, researching information, effective communication skills and the use of cleaning solutions.

Safety and Health:

* Shall follow safety procedures when climbing ladders and scaffolding, using lifts or other equipment consistent with the job description as determined by the District

* Knowledge of universal hygiene precautions

* Background check

Equipment/Material Handled:

Knowledge in the use of autoscrubbers, buffers, burnishers, vacuums, lawn mowers, line trimmers, pressure washers, and any other tools consistent with the job description as determined by the District.

Work Environment:

* Various degrees of noise, temperature and air quality

* Work interruptions

* Flexibility

* Self-motivated

* Completion of job assignments without direct supervision

* Completion of applications and assignments within the timeframes allowed

* Extended work hours may include weekends and evenings as required

Term of Employment:

* 12 month per calendar / 8 hours per day or

* 11 month per calendar / 8 hours per day

* Non Exempt

* One year contract