Victim & Crisis Intervention Advocate

City of SeaTac, WA Seattle, WA
Basic Function Benefits Supplemental Questions

This position is overtime eligible and a member of the AFSCME Collective Bargaining Unit.

Under the direction of the Assistant City Attorney, the employee occupying this position will administer the City of SeaTac's victim advocacy and crisis intervention programs; provide support, assistance and liaison services between crime victims and the criminal justice system, including police and the courts. Responsibilities include providing crisis intervention assistance and support to crime victims and vulnerable persons in the community; coordinating, administering and leading a variety of crisis intervention programs.

Representative Duties:• Provide crisis intervention assistance to crime victims and vulnerable members of the community. Prepare case files and reports to assist in prosecution of domestic violence offenders; act as liaison between victims and the criminal justice system including prosecutors, police and the courts; advise victims and/or witnesses of court dates, court procedures, and other pertinent information. E

* Receive, assess, prioritize, and coordinate in and out of custody cases on a daily basis with respect to victim safety, and lethality risks; respond to police requests for assistance in the field; interview victims in person or on the telephone and complete intake forms to assist the prosecutors in case preparation; compile data related to criminal cases pending in Court. E

* Attend domestic violence court calendars and make recommendations to the prosecutor for the administration of domestic violence prosecutions; consult with prosecutors on court filings and prosecutorial decisions as requested. E

* Assist with the collection of domestic violence related case information and evidence as appropriate, including but not limited to, obtaining related police reports, ensuring photographing of victims, and interviewing victims and/or witnesses; compose and generate reports and witness lists for the prosecutors and the Court; assist with the personal service of subpoenas as directed. E

* Assess victims' needs and provide appropriate support, which includes informing victims of their rights and the legal process, assisting victims in developing a safety plan, assisting with petitioning for civil protection orders or anti-harassment orders when appropriate, attending court hearings with victims when necessary, and referring victims to social service agencies, support groups, or shelters. E

* Communicate with police, court and probation officials, jail personnel, private treatment agencies and other City legal and departmental personnel to obtain and relay information related to cases pending in Court. E

* Assist in the preparation, organization and maintenance of related records and reports such as case lists, victim files, narratives and resource information; maintain current contact information for victims and witnesses in domestic violence cases; submit to appropriate personnel or department as required. E

* Review and complete requests for U-visa applications from legal advocates from various agencies, certify completed forms and assist victims throughout the application process; assist victims with lease release rental agreements, which may include meeting with landlords and/or serving release documents. E

* Seek out and draft applications for various grants and resources for community-based assistance programs; lead administration of such programs, including but not limited to, the hotel voucher program, Angel Flight program, McKinney-Vento program, emergency food box assistance program, reduced fare bus ticket program and Safeway food card voucher program. E

* Track and maintain grant funded programs purchase orders, invoices, spreadsheets, and documentation for reporting to the Finance Department; maintain, track and report thorough record logs and reporting systems of program recipients to grantors. E

* Attend meetings and training related to domestic violence education and other relevant matters; attend quarterly police officer roll-call to inform and update officers of available community resources. E

* Perform other duties as assigned. E

E denotes an essential function of the job

Required Education and Experience:• Bachelor's degree in social work, criminology, law enforcement, or other closely related field

* Three to five years of applicable experience in the legal system with specialized knowledge/experience in the area of advocacy for crime victims or related cases

* Experience in counseling and crisis intervention

* Related college level course work required

* Experience with word processing

* Ability to prioritize workload

* Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing

* Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others

* Ability to analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action

* Ability to adapt to changing priorities

* Ability to interact, working, and communicate positively and effectively with groups and individuals with diverse backgrounds and varying levels of knowledge

* Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions in a court room environment, in small groups of managers and coworkers, and in groups of peers

* Ability to demonstrate patience, courtesy, and professionalism at all times in dealing and interacting with other employees, departments, victims, witnesses, citizens, and outside agencies

* Ability to read, interpret, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures

* A combination of education, experience and training that provides the applicant with the knowledge and skills to perform the job will be considered


* Experience with grant applications


* Knowledge of laws, rules and regulations related to domestic violence and related crimes

* Knowledge of basic counseling and crisis intervention techniques

* Knowledge of criminal justice system, including court and law enforcement procedures

* Knowledge of confidentiality issues related to victim's rights, defendants and service providers

* Knowledge of legal and law enforcement terminology

* Knowledge of legal documents and forms involved in victim advocacy procedures

* Knowledge of dynamics of family violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, and stalking

* Knowledge of domestic violence advocacy, witness advocacy, and witness coordination

* Knowledge of community resources including local social service agencies and services

* Knowledge of methods, procedures, practices and techniques of interviewing victims of domestic violence

* Knowledge of handling and completing grant applications

* Skill in providing crisis intervention assistance to victims of domestic violence and other related crimes

* Skill in interviewing victims and assessing appropriate safety needs and requirements

* Ability to maintain records and prepare detailed notes

* Skill in crisis intervention methods and techniques

* Skill in creating individualized safety plans to ensure victims' safety

* Ability to become proficient in the use of judicial information system databases, including but not limited to: SECTOR, JIS, DISCIS, SCOMIS, FORS, JABS and DOL

* Ability to make effective oral presentations at meetings and functions related to domestic violence, safety planning, crisis intervention, criminal justice system and victim advocacy

* Ability to work effectively with ethnic minority communities and citizens from diverse backgrounds

Licenses and Other Requirements:• Valid Washington State driver's license

* A three year driving record abstract must be submitted prior to hire.

* Occasionally work evenings and weekends to meet with victims



Work is performed in an office setting with extensive work at a desktop computer. Work schedule is subject to frequent interruption by walk-in clients and telephone calls. Some field work is required which includes traveling to different locations for the purpose of interviewing victims and witnesses and attending meetings and court hearings.


Dexterity of hands and fingers to write notes in files and operate a computer keyboard and standard office equipment; hearing and speaking to exchange information; eyesight to read police reports and notes in cases; lifting light objects weighing up to 10 pounds; bending at the waist to retrieve files.


May be exposed to individuals who are irate, hostile, distraught, violent, or abusive. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate to loud.


Individuals interested in this position are encouraged to complete the following:

* an online application

* respond to the supplemental questions

* submit a resume

* submit a cover letter addressing how you meet or exceed the required education and experience