Seeking Overworked Nurses Looking for a Change
Alliance Nursing
 Seattle, WA

You aren't looking for a new nursing job right now because everything is going right, are you? No, we know that.

  • You might be looking for something new because you want a nursing position that helps you feel like your skills and passion will matter
  • You want a position that doesn't leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained
  • You want to work for a company that understands and values the fact that you have a life outside of your job that you love too

But, you also might be here, scrolling through jobs ads, looking for something different because you want to make a difference.

And that's why working for Alliance Nursing in home health is really one of the best nursing jobs you can ever have.

Yeah, we know this is a big claim to make but we wouldn't say it if we didn't have the proof in the fact that over 40% of our nurses have been with us for 10 or more years. In fact, over 25% of our nurses have worked at Alliance for over 15 years! Know any hospitals that can say the same?

Working at Alliance Nursing in private duty home health nursing is NOT where you go to be burned out after a couple of years or one day.

No - this can truly be the last and most rewarding nursing job you will ever have. We know you can you love your client, love your purpose, and love your team with us.

And nurses and families both tell us regularly that our extensive, hands-on training we provide all nurses plus our 24-hour support is unmatched in the industry. Your safety and our clients' safety are BOTH our number one priority.

So, when you join our team, what can you help us with?

We have teenager, who is a survivor by the way, needing a team of nurses (RN or LPN) to provide care both days and nights in the Burien/Renton/West Seattle/SeaTac area. So far, this single dad has been covering nights on his own in order to get by and we'd really love to help him out. While our client is trach & vent dependent as well as non-verbal, he is extremely expressive and responsive. As a nurse, you will learn a lot about empathetic care as you work one-on-one with him.

We are looking for private duty home health nurses (RN's or LPN's) who are available for any or all of the following shifts:

DAY: Thursday, Friday, prefer 7a-7p (but flexible if need be)

NIGHT: Any (5) consecutive nights, 7p-7a with a PLUS if any are over the weekend

Case Differential Available!

...And just a few more reasons Nurses work for Alliance Nursing

Since 1989, Alliance Nursing has been a Washington-based, mission-driven company of RN's and LPN's who work with families that need 24-hour in-home nursing care. We might be a small company, but we have a big heart. And our home health nurses range from retired nurses, parents who took time off to raise a family and want to return to work, nurses looking for extra income, as well as new nurses looking for a unique work experience that will help develop their skills.

Ready to get started? Just use our easy application to introduce yourself and we look forward to meeting you!

Alliance Nursing is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex/gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, genetics/genetic markers, military or veteran status, and/or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law.