Fiber Splicer

Cable Services Company, Inc. Scranton, PA
We are seeking individual qualified individuals to fill the position of Fiber Splicer.

Job responsibilities include:

* Follow and execute work assignments

* Operate an aerial lift and other related equipment required to perform work

* Use various hand tools and equipment including but not limited to fiber splicers, OTDR's and power meters

* Organize vehicle, materials, tools and equipment

* Splice fiber optic cable. Prep and hang fiber optic enclosures, nodes and related equipment.

Route, splice and / or terminate fiber in equipment racks at central offices, hubs, or inside

buildings in compliance to plant designs.

* Splice and troubleshoot fiber optic plant and equipment

* Read design maps, fiber schematics and basic electronic designs.

* Suggest creative and innovative ideas and improvements.

* Perform other related tasks and assignments as assigned or as become evident.

* Follow Company safety policies.

* Identify and report potential theft

* Maintain professional attitude and appearance at all times.

* Must have a HS diploma or equivalent. Must be able to lift 80 lbs on occasion.

Applicant review will begin immediately. Applications accepted until all positions are filled.