Part Time Morning or After School Nanny 2 Energetic Boys

College Nannies and Tutors Scottsdale, AZ
About the Position

Position Type:Nanny

Office:Phoenix | North Scottsdale

Location of Position:Scottsdale

You should have character with a heart and a willingness to lead by example as their nanny to 2 boys (5 1/2 and 8 1/2). Help them with the morning routine - wake up, dressed, breakfast, check over their homework and help them complete if needed. Then drive them to their schools (North Ranch Elementary and Sonoran Sky Elementary). The boys are still getting used to being in two different homes during the week so you can be a calm stable influence on them and start their mornings off right!

Develop a close relationship with the boys and show them you're a good example to learn from and offer to help when needed so that you'll make the mom's life a little easier too!

(As a bonus, there's also a medium sized dog who loves attention.)

You'll be employed by North Scottsdale College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors. We're a legal W2 employer so you're guaranteed to be paid by direct deposit every 2 weeks for the hours you work. We can also cover for the family if they need support when you are not able to work especially during school half days or school breaks.


* Have access to safe, reliable transportation and a good driving record.

* At least 2 non-family references related to working with children, paid or unpaid.

* Ability to pass extensive background check.

Pay: $13 – $14/hr. We are a W2 employer.

Location: Scottsdale (85255) Home is South of Thompson Peak Parkway and Bell Roads in McDowell Mountain Ranch.

Schedule: Start mornings Aug 17. 6:45AM - 9:45AM.

Great if you have some availability Wednesdays and possibly Thursdays or every other Friday afternoons 3:15pm - 6:15pm.

August 20 schedule:

Monday, Thursday, Friday mornings 6:45AM - 9:45AM only.

Following week: mornings Thursdays and Friday 6:45AM - 9:45AM.

Schedule will be every Thursday, Friday morning and every other Monday.

Be a better than just a babysitter and Apply NOW!! at:

Need to know who we are? Here's a Voyage Phoenix article about why we do what we do.

About Us: College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors North Scottsdale aims for professional development and personal growth in you, the family and within our company. The people we hire have a broad set of personal skills (you don't have to be a college student!) who are ready to tackle the most common childcare and academic problems and make an impact on everyone we meet. Our nannies and tutors are enabled to focus on their work with one student or family and bring a personalized solution to each case, making lives easier and better, one child at a time.

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