Load Out Person
Martin Marietta
 Savannah, GA

Position Summary

This position requires railcar unloading, rail yard switching, preparing rail-cars for loading and unloading and performing some track and equipment maintenance. This position will also be cross trained to operate various types of heavy equipment.


Attention to detail is required to maintain safe work practices

Commitment to personal safety and the safety of the team

Must be a fast learner with self-motivation

Stable work history

Ability to read operating instructions

Strong mechanical aptitude

Ability to work flexible shifts and overtime

Ability to work outdoors

Willing to perform other tasks within rail operations

Previous rail experience, including locomotive operations, a plus

High School Education or Equivalent

Physical Requirements

Ability to climb stairs and ladders, reach, squat, tolerate prolonged sitting/standing, balance, bend from trunk, operate mobile equipment, push and pull objects

Lift objects of various dimension and weights

Ability to operate hand controls with both hands

Ability to operate foot controls with both feet

Ability to tolerate working outdoors in all environmental temperatures and weather

Ability to work in cramped quarters

Ability to work in areas with the potential for high noise levels

Ability to tolerate working at heights up to 100 feet

Climb in and out of loader minimum 30 times per day, climb to 10 feet to clean loader, walk on uneven ground minimum 30 times per day up to 100 yards

Climb conveyor system 10 times per day, climb to 200” to clean and maintain

Read delivery tickets, maps, etc.

Use needed solvents to scrub and wash loader daily, climb over and under loader to visually inspect same

Work in confined spaces under hood, and in framework to clean loader as needed

Use hand tools (wrenches, drill, etc.) to make minor repairs

Hear and see problem indicators that warrant attention/repairs

Shoveling, sweeping, picking up trash, painting and general cleanup of plant areas