Monster Club Coordinator

Concord Management, Ltd. Sarasota, FL

Provides academic, social, and recreational opportunities for youth development through a wide range of activities in arts, technology, athletics, nutrition, community service and more. Reinforces school day learning through effective homework and tutoring help.


1. Provides supervision of children and leads organized learning activities to develop and strengthen their academic, physical, and social skills.

2. Accomplish activity plans in accordance with the curriculum objectives and program goals.

3. Ensures that the facility is safe, clean, organized and well maintained. Inspects Monster Club play areas and equipment for potential safety hazards and take corrective action to prevent injuries.

4. Models appropriate behaviors for children.

5. Implements positive discipline techniques.

6. Interacts professionally and appropriately with parents and guardians informing them about the club and its activities, exchanges information about the children's progress and encourages involvement and Cultural Continuity.

7. Maintains records, confidentiality and prepares reports to keep management informed of club participation and activities.

8. Responds to inquiries for the purpose of resolving problems, providing information and or/referring to appropriate team member.

9. Actively solicits interaction with community, including volunteers, community service projects, or other appropriate sources of community interaction.

10. Solicits in-kind donations.

11. Effectively recruits and retains club members.