Cable Splicer
Frontier Communications
 Sarasota, FL

Job Opening ID: 5043

Contractual Job Title: Cable Splicer

Physical Street Address: 5590 Swift Rd - Sarasota, FL

Hiring Manager: Luke Wanca

Timeframe of posting: 2/23/21 - 3/4/21

Wage Schedule/Scale: B

# of vacancies: 1

Please Note: A resume must be submitted in order to be considered

FL Cable Splicer


Add, place, remove, reroute, set up, rack, splice, transfer, repair, rearrange, bond, pressurize, and test aerial, underground, and buried cable. Mount, cut-in, and repair cable terminal and load cases. Rearrange service drops, aerial, and buried jumper wire and step poles. Place, move, replace and remove poles and make or move existing attachments. Read and interpret engineering prints. Operate company vehicles as required. Perform such work under minimum supervision.

General Duties

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

A. The nature of this work is a variety of tasks with only general guidelines as to the instructions, practices and/or procedures in making transfers, line cuts, and cable rearrangements, cable placement, and cable wrecking.

B. Handle and climb ladders and poles, work at heights in boom trucks, enter tunnels, buildings, trenches, crawl spaces, and manholes to place materials.

C. Work with small hand tools, mechanical equipment, test equipment, color coded and tone identified wires in the connection of wires and cables to other telephone equipment and in connecting cable pairs together. This work requires understanding written specifications and following established procedures of moderate complexity.

D. Splicing done by twisting and/or soldering or by joining with prescribed wire connectors, i.e., aerial, underground, buried, submarine, building, multiple conductor cable, coaxial cable, and other wire. Covers conductors with insulating materials.

E. Places and connects cable terminals and NIDS.

F. This work requires frequent pushing, pulling, and lifting of moderate to heavy weight objects throughout the workday.

G. Read and interpret cut sheets and work order prints in order to complete work assignment.

H. Keep detailed written record of work activity.

I. Place hermetically sealed free breathing or encapsulated type splice closures.

J. Use electrical test equipment to verify and determine defective wire in cable.

K. Perform cable acceptance tests to determine if cable meets specified


L. Load required tools and materials on boom trucks, vans, pick-up trucks, and drive to work location.

M. Use test equipment to check for gas in manholes and may have to empty water and other debris from manholes.

N. Test all cable pressure systems and air test hermetically sealed closures for leaks.

O. May be required to perform additional duties and tasks as required by the Company.

Basic Qualifications

A. Tests– Results obtained in standard tests for this position must meet

minimum requirements established by the Company, in accordance with

Company policy.

B. Work with heavy-duty power equipment in the installation and maintenance of outside plant facilities. Move and lift heavy objects such as cable reels.

C. Must possess a valid driver license

a. Class D for Cable Splicer

b. Class B (CDL) for Lineman which may be subject to DOT training and/or driving courses as well as random drug and alcohol screening