2018-2019 SY Inventory Manager

Santa Fe Public Schools Santa Fe, NM
General Function:

Single point person for managing Music Department inventory and tracking music program enrollment statistics. Maintain close relationships with District music educators, administrators, and vendors. Scope includes procurement, ongoing management, and retirement of inventory components. Also may be called upon to perform special projects.

Education/Training Experience:

Minimum: Basic minimum requirements are subject to change to meet the needs of the District. Position requires work with detail data and is very process driven. Understanding of basic financial/accounting concepts and planning skills also important.

Preferred: Course work or equivalent experience in inventory management and financial planning in a medium size organization or larger is a plus.

Knowledge/Skills and Abilities: Familiarity with musical instruments and financial planning concepts, strong analytical skills, confident, effective use of Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Ability to concurrently handle multiple projects are all critical success factors for this position.

Essential Job Functions

All functions are performed in accordance with established policies, procedures, safety and environmental.

Inventory Reporting

* Maintain updated database of all instruments and equipment

* Prepare worksheets - all programs, schools

* Receive and analyze worksheets

* Receive instrument transfer forms

* Identify and track missing instruments

* Communicate regularly with music staff, educating and follow through re: inventory reporting

* Run reports upon request

Purchase New Instruments, Equipment, Pianos, Uniforms

* Request, receive, post, evaluate teacher requests

* Communicate with music staff - procedures, follow through

* Calculate shortfalls based on suggested inventory levels or projected enrollment

* Establish budget parameters in conjunction with Music Education Coordinator

* Prepare and maintain spending plan

* Prepare ITBs and RFQs

* Evaluate Bids and Prepare Requisition Specs

* Receive Shipments, Tag for Distribution, Add to Database

* Okay to pay to music department office for vendor invoices

Process Donated Instruments

* Pick up instruments from donors, take to repair shop

* Coordinate piano inspections

* Coordinate piano transfers to school sites

* Assign donated instruments to programs, tag for school, add in database

Interface with Repair Vendors

* Maintain regular communication with repair vendors:

* Wind, percussion, guitar, elementary music

* Piano

* Stringed/bowed instruments

* Solve issues as they arise

* Check instrument repair logs against inventory in holding of repair vendor versus SFPS holdings

* Prepare and distribute instrument repair forms/instructions

* Receive and review repair transaction logs

* Maintain repair tracking database

* Review repair invoices

* Ensure responsible and efficacious management of SFPS music inventory on part of vendor

* Follow through on District reimbursement from parent/guardian: student damage, loss, theft

Instrument Security

* Ensure secure instrument storage in all school and district facilities

* Provide necessary guidance, resources, and support for secure storage components - cabinets, locks, closets, keyed entries, etc.

* Conduct walk through of music classrooms for purpose of checking instrument security practices; identify needs

* Create and maintain security checklists for all music classrooms

Enrollment Tracking

* Generate/Evaluate enrollment reports for each performing music program and update data base

* Prepare Reports and Make Presentations

Presentations to Music Faculty - -

* Instrument needs requests

* Instrument care and maintenance

* Inventory assessments and reconciliations

* Vendor-provided repair procedure

* Instrument security

* Student damage/loss/theft funds recoveryResources staff.

Application Process:

Apply online at www.sfps.info