Senior DevOps Engineer
 Santa Fe, NM

Requisition Number: SENIO01225

Software Development: (70%)

  1. Coordinate development, maintenance and improvement of an extensive automated infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud to maximize delivery of continuous testing, deployment and delivery.
  2. Lead the automation of DevOps environment for derivative pricing and risk products by utilizing advanced tools for orchestration and self – service for the value stream making the operations more resilient and self-healing.
  3. Evaluate, coordinate and establish the tool chain for continuous delivery, deployment, monitoring, feedback and testing using tools like TeamCity, XebiaLabs Jira, Bitbucket/SVN, Ansible, AppDynamics, Prometheus, Grafana and Selenium.
  4. Provide stable, reliable and secure DevOps environment while maximizing the efficiency of development and allowing for fixes and changes to be deployed into production very quickly by integration DevSecOPS tools like OWASP ZAP into the delivery pipeline.
  5. Provide continuous improvement and integration of test harnesses into infrastructure using Python, PowerShell and bash including the coverage of microservices utilizing REST API.
  6. Create containerized deployment packages around various applications and test harnesses utilizing docker, docker swarm and kubernetes.
  7. Integrate DevOps Pipeline into the cloud (AWS and Microsoft Azure) from existing on prem architecture.
  8. Enable automated deployment using tools such as Ansible, Packer and Chef.
  9. Apply Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence tools such as Scikit-learn, Hadoop, NumPy, Pandas, NLTK to enhance the delivery pipeline.
  10. Develop capacity to work with Microservices Framework such as Lagom and Spring Framework.
  11. Determine tools required for telemetry available from the application / environment to create the most ideal DevOps environment.

Internal Resource Management and Leadership: (20%)

  1. Provide QA and Development Teams with regular status of the DevOps technology implementation progress and help devise plans for continuous improvement.
  2. Contribute to the continual improvement in development procedures implemented at Numerix.
  3. Conduct demos and presentation of new functionalities implemented in different Numerix products to internal teams.
  4. Guide and mentor DevOps Engineer and interns in the team.

IT Testing: (10%)

  1. Perform regression and memory testing of product in accordance with requests from Support and Development teams.
  2. Participate in various release status meetings with the stakeholders.
  3. Work with the support group to address issues raised by clients or internal users of the product, including doing remote sessions and preparing test plans.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Electronic Engineering plus 1 year of experience in the job or as QA Engineer or Systems Analyst.