Fleet Mechanic
Lockheed Martin Corporation
 Santa Cruz, CA

Description:IAM Hourly represented employees who currently work at the main (Sunnyvale/Palo Alto) unit, Santa Cruz, VAFB or Eastern Range facilities must apply to open requisitions on Brass Ring to be considered for the position.

Diagnose malfunctions and determine method of repair and replacement parts or units required. Tear down, check out malfunctions; clean, replace or repair such units and parts as clutches, transmissions, generators, alternators, injectors, fuel pumps, distributors, transistorized ignition systems, computerized engine systems and related sensors, brakes, including air brakes, anti-lock systems and related sensors, battery chargers, air conditioning equipment and electric motors using Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR).

Perform such typical operations as repairing, overhauling or replacing crankshafts, main bearings, transmissions, differentials, clutches, electric motors or hydraulic assemblies; install and fit piston rings and wrist pins; complete overhaul of various types of automotive equipment both internal functioning of vehicle and equipment. As required, possess state license to combustion and electric powered; complete overhaul of such units as carburetors, fuel injectors, starters, motors, hydraulic cylinders, generators and alternators; make major tune-ups and perform road tests as required.

Set up and adjust electronic engine analyzing test equipment to measure level of contaminants such as hydro-carbons and carbon monoxides, interpreting and evaluating results, and make necessary repairs and/or adjustments to bring engine operation to acceptable levels as required by state laws.

Reassemble units and make complete operational checkout to verify proper issue certification regarding smog emission control devices.

Call vendors to determine availability of parts. May pick up parts at vendor facilities when need is urgent; write orders for parts.

Wash, steam clean, clean, refuel and otherwise service above equipment. Maintain service logs, records, California Highway Patrol (CHP) certificates, stickers and licenses. Maintain computerized records on heavy equipment and buses per Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Make emergency service calls in the event of equipment breakdown.

Materials worked on: Automotive and material handling equipment powered with internal combustion engines and electric motors such as automobiles, trucks, tractors, forklifts with and without electronic drive, tugs, scooters and emergency vehicles, including their component parts, assemblies and accessories.

Materials worked with: Miscellaneous repair and replacement items as rings, pistons, gears, valves, pins, bolts, springs, screws, fittings, spark plugs, light bulbs, tap wire, gaskets, brake lining, electric wiring, electronic components, lubricants and casters.

Tools used: Hand tools, special automotive hand tools and gauges, power hand tools, electrical meters, precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, dial indicators and brake micrometers.

Equipment used: Ignition and other electronic performance testing equipment, on-board computer scan tool, valve grinding and seating machines, drill presses and their accessories, dollies and hoists, bearing spinner and line boring bar, torches, and hydraulic jacks. Also air conditioning refrigerant re-cycling equipment.

Basic Qualifications:

To repair, maintain and overhaul automotive and material handling equipment.

To use hand tools, precision measuring instruments, tools and gauges.

Knowledge of AC/DC theory and electronic test equipment and devices as applied to automotive and electric powered vehicles; a knowledge of hydraulics as applied to lifting equipment.

Must have 5 years knowledge of automotive shop theory and practice.

To read and interpret manufacturers' specifications, diagrams and symbols.

To use arithmetic including decimals and fractions.

Possess Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) brake and lamp inspection certificates.

Must be able to receive ASE Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling certificate.

Must possess a valid State of California driver's license as required for work performed.

Must possess, or obtain within 90 days, all LMSC-issued safety licenses required by law to operate material handling equipment and vehicles driven by employees in this classification.

Desired Skills:

Experience in Personal Arial lifting Devices (PALD) repairs including scissors and platform lifts.