Software Engineer - Content Pipeline

SoundHound Santa Clara, CA
About the Role:

We believe that a cutting-edge "A+ solution" to organizing/structuring searchable data (e.g. data curation) is essential. It's difficult to get there via human curation because there's too much data. It's also difficult to get there with a purely machine-curated solution (we've learned that lesson first hand). Our solution at SoundHound has been to hybridize the two approaches. In this role, you'll be part of a small and innovative team designing automated algorithms smart enough to approximate a human curator, while also working closely with human curators on the team to achieve the best possible searchable data quality for our apps.

About You:

* You are fascinated by the challenge of implementing machine-based solutions to organize/label data the way human curators would – on a scale that would require millions of human curators

* You are a quick learner with sharp coding skills, enabling you to meet aggressive deadlines

* You enjoy being part of a small team responsible for systems that directly power the search experience of millions of users every day

* You pay attention to detail and take pride in implement highly maintainable code


* Design and implement systems that manage a unique blend of searchable data (including audio, meta-data, and traditional text-based content)

* Lots of coding, testing, and scripting in a linux environment

* Regularly analyze the data curated by the system and identify areas for improvement


* Proficient in C++ and one or more scripting languages

* Strong grasp of algorithms and data structures

* Experience manipulating and managing large amounts of data

* Self-motivated and able to contribute in a fast-paced team environment

* BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent

Nice to haves:

* Experience working with large catalogs of real-world / messy data

* Familiarity with text search algorithms and related systems

* Experience working with music-related data

* Proficiency with databases/SQL