Principal Software Engineer - Data
 Santa Clara, CA

About Netskope

Today, there’s more data and users outside the enterprise than inside, causing the network perimeter as we know it to dissolve. We realized a new perimeter was needed, one that is built in the cloud and follows and protects data wherever it goes, so we started Netskope to redefine Cloud, Network and Data Security. 

Since 2012, we have built the market-leading cloud security company and an award-winning culture powered by hundreds of employees spread across offices in Santa Clara, San Francisco, Seattle, Bangalore, London, Melbourne, and Tokyo. Our core values are openness, honesty, and transparency, and we purposely developed our open desk layouts and large meeting spaces to support and promote partnerships, collaboration, and teamwork. From catered lunches and office celebrations to employee recognition events and social professional groups such as the Awesome Women of Netskope (AWON), we strive to keep work fun, supportive and interactive.

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Principal Engineer, Database

You will be part of the team responsible for architecting, designing, developing, integrating, testing, deploying and monitoring the fundamental Mongo DB data services that Netskope is built on. These services include multiple large Mongo clusters, along with many scripts we use for maintenance. This includes scripts that deal with Jumbo chunks, long running queries, config inconsistencies, presharding and presplitting, as well as indexing.

In this role you will:

  • Conduct high level and low level design reviews for all the code at Netskope that uses Mongo.

  • Help other teams architect their applications using Mongo, using best practices and sound designs.

  • Own and maintain our programatic interfaces between application code and Mongo.

  • Become the go-to person for Mongo coding and design questions across the company.

  • Own the technical relationship with MongoDB (the company).

  • Work with the Application Development and Product Management teams to scale their underlying services.

  • Provide easy to use metrics and analytics of usage patterns to keep our systems running and at optimal performance, anticipate capacity issues, help with long term planning.

  • Work with great people in a fun, collaborative environment.

This position requires:

  • 6+ years of industry experience building Mongo-based systems.

  • Proven good development practices like automated testing, measuring code coverage.

  • Programming experience in Python or Golang.

  • Experience with designing and implementing large, fault-tolerant and distributed systems, based on Mongo.

  • BSCS or equivalent required, MS strongly preferred 

Bonus points for:

  • Being the author of a Mongo chunk balancer

  • Being familiar with pre-sharding and pre-splitting

  • Being able to find the best possible index for complex queries that include multiple filters on equality, ranges, $in, and sorts

  • Being able to create indexes that can help avoid document fetches

  • CI/CD experience