Estate Administrator Assistant

County of Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA

Under supervision, to assist the Estate Administrator in the technical work required to identify, secure, safeguard, inventory, transport, locate, and store personal property of decedent's estates and conservatees property.

The list established will be used to fill any current and future vacant positions.

Typical Tasks

* Assists with all investigations of premises and personal effects of deceased persons; conducts searches for wills, heirs and relatives of deceased persons, burial instructions, evidence of safe deposit boxes and other valuables and evidence of assets;

* Locates, inventories and preserves all real and personal property;

* Marshals (e.g. gathers, organizes, monitors and exerts authority) estate assets;

* Investigates claims, bills and other liabilities in conservatorship and decedent estates;

* Inputs and retrieves information from computerized database in connection with preparing reports and letters and updating case files;

* Searches for information contained in case files to verify assets and property owned by conservatees/decedents;

* Prepares detailed and itemized reports on activities;

* Disposes of claims against estates;

* May be assigned as a Disaster Service Worker, as required;

* Performs other related duties as assigned.

Employment Standards

Sufficient education, training and work experience to demonstrate the ability to perform the above tasks, and the attainment of the following knowledge and abilities.

Training and Experience Note: The knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform this function are acquired through completion of sixty (60) semester units of college.


One (1) year of experience investigating and/or analyzing real and personal property and other financial resources for a public agency, a financial institution, law office and/or other related business or government agency as it relates to estate management, conservatorship and/or decedent estates.

Special Requirements:

* Possession of a valid California Driver's License upon appointment and the ability to qualify for and maintain a County Driver's Permit.

* Some positions may require Live Scan screening as part of the background check process.

Knowledge of:

* Basic principles, practices and methods used in estate and financial investigations;

* Credit collection and investigative principles and practices;

* Management and collection of estate assets;

* Basic techniques and methods used in preparing accountings;

* Basic method of conducting a title search;

* Modern bookkeeping methods and office practices.

Ability to:

* Evaluate and interpret laws and regulations, legal documents such as liens, documents of ownership and encumbrances and financial statements;

* Investigate, research and evaluate assets in conservatorship and decedent estates;

* Maintain records and prepare reports and correspondence;

* Communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing;

* Effectively adapt to changing policies and procedures;

* Establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, County personnel, the public, contractors, and other agencies;

* Deal effectively with individuals in emotional or stressful situations;

* Take responsibility for managing assigned tasks to meet challenging deadlines;

* Effectively manage complex, sensitive and confidential material.