Electronic Lab Logistics

Arista Santa Clara, CA

Job Description:

Here is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of the most successful high tech companies in the Bay Area. This key position combines social skills, intelligence, and physical activity. The unique aspect of this position is that the successful candidate will be able to find the specific engineers who are aware of the materials and locations, and then coax that information out of those people in order to keep a complex lab with hundreds of project running smoothly. You may have dozens of inquiries open at any one time, and you need to track each one to resolution. The physical portion of the job is receiving materials, notifying teams, moving those materials (boxes) to temporary locations, and then delivering them when needed. This is close to a warehouse/parts inventory function, except the items, uses, and destinations are different every time.

No technical degree is required, but you will be surrounded by those with technical degrees such as electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, etc. If you thrive working with engineering professionals, then this job is for you.

You will be joining one of the technically strongest and most efficient teams in the industry, dedicated to creating Data Center Switches with the highest performance, lowest cost, and highest reliability. Your contribution will be focused to support our fast moving Hardware Engineering Lab operations.


* Working with product managers, engineers, and managers to determine where and when parts are needed

* Track many "conversations" over time to determine what items are and their uses. Usually, this includes multiple communication types, such as face to face, email, chat, and texting.

* Identify items that are no longer needed: then transfer, sell, or scrap them

* Determine if something can be taken to off-site storage

* Organize what is needed locally, but not actually being used right now.

* Asset tracking and database updates

* Parts inventory, ordering and planning

* Receiving, unboxing and delivering items within the Lab.

* Occasional packing and shipping

* Sorting incoming material and parts, logging receipts, and notifying teams

* Offsite storage management

* Log materials

* Coordinate moves to off-site storage

* Maintain database entries to track items

* Control of offsite storage costs by removing items when they are no longer needed

* Connector and cable wiring

* Lab organization

* Mechanical disassembly and assembly of data center switches, and installation of test equipment


* 2 Years College Study, any field

* Excellent interpersonal skills and able to work effectively with teams

* Detail oriented

* Quality oriented

* Proficient with email and collaboration with others

* Familiarity with computers, web sites, spreadsheets

* Interest in learning cable wiring and other lab support skills

* Ability to multitask, prioritize, and track many assignments

* Desire to learn and develop skills and abilities

* Desire to learn database operation

* Physical ability to lift 50lb boxes

* Interest in learning assembly and disassembly of networking equipment, in a constantly changing engineering environment.

* Ability to work 40+ hours/week, with 10am to 5pm core hours M-F (e.g. 8am to 5pm, 9am to 6pm, 10am to 7pm)

Desirable (any of these are helpful, none required):

* Any knowledge of how to use databases

* Experience with parts systems and inventory

* Experience packing and shipping products

* Experience organizing and storing parts

* Experience in electronic development labs including supporting engineers

* Experience ordering parts and tools

* Experience with part number databases like Agile

* Experience with dis-assembly and assembly of electronic products, such as PC's and especially computer room products. Handy with tools such as electric screwdrivers

* Any hands on remodeling/mechanical/electrical/sheet metal experience or training

* College Graduate, any field

Applications by email only to jobs@arista.com

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