Enterprise Policy Administrator/Technical Writer
Seashine Group
 Sandy, UT

Seashine Financial is looking for an individual who has demonstrated experience as a technical writer within a corporate or other business environment. The Enterprise Policy Administrator researches, gathers, writes, organizes, and maintains the enterprise library of policies, procedures, and other governing documents used by the executive team to operate the Company, its subsidiaries, and affiliates.

Candidates must thrive on organization, attention to detail, and clear written communication. The artifacts created and managed by this role are relied upon throughout the enterprise to guide decisions, govern actions, and to inspire precise execution.


Enterprise Policy Administrator


Irvine, CA or Sandy, UT - currently Remote


  • Develop, edit, maintain and publish the enterprise library of Policies, Positions, and Procedures (the “P&P Library”) taking ownership to ensure end-to-end consistency, accuracy, and utility;
  • Engage with executive management to gather and document business requirements and positions, incorporating those results into clear and understandable documents that will be relied on by the Company’s leadership and management teams for implementation;
  • Optimize the Company’s P&P Library for usefulness and accessibility;
  • Maintain inventory of the P&P Library including tracking and summarizing versions and communicating changes within the business and to external stakeholders as necessary;
  • Produce content that is easily readable, engaging, and logically segmented;
  • Tailor content to the intended audience and deliver information that is simplified and actionable;
  • Develop and align P&P Library content within the Product, Company and Employer brand including the look, feel, tone and voice;
  • Develop content plans and structure for each audience and artifact type;
  • Combine soft skills with technical acumen to engage with leaders and subject matter experts to ensure content is accurate and understandable;
  • Develop and utilize citation and metadata methodology to connect P&P Library contents and ensure that changes are updated in each affected document as applicable;
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Accountability – Deliver on commitments made to our stakeholders, transparency about progress and outcomes, and ownership of responsibility for decisions.
  • Collaboration – Trust, open communication, and teamwork inside and outside the organization to maximize shared knowledge.
  • Knowledgeable - Comprehensive understanding of best practices used to develop, track and archive enterprise documents.
  • Expert Communicator – Can tailor speaking to multiple types of audiences; a concise, compelling writer.
  • Inclusive – Able to work effectively with team members from varying backgrounds and job types.
  • Tech Savvy – Use and embrace technology as a tool to enhance work effectiveness but not as a means to replace hard work; adept at learning new technologies quickly.
  • Capable Leader - Able to prioritize work to meet ambitious goals. Foresee and mitigate the challenges presented to you.
  • Entrepreneurial – Enjoy the hustle that’s required to forge new paths.
  • Organized and Productive – Effective planner that does not let distractions come in between effort and meeting goals.


  • 7- 10 years experience as a technical writer / editor with demonstrated experience in corporate or other business environments;
  • Experience in multiple writing styles and methods;
  • Experience in conducting interviews to aggregate non documented information, and translating that information to written content;
  • Experience in a financial or real estate environment preferred;
  • Expert verbal and written communication skills in English.