Billing / AR Coordinator
TD Garden
 San Leandro, CA

Mesa Energy Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of EMCOR Group, Inc. EMCOR is the world's leading provider of mechanical and electrical construction and facilities services, including planning, consulting, and operations and maintenance. Mesa Energy Systems is a HVAC mechanical services company that provides fully integrated solutions for preventative maintenance and repair, upgrading existing mechanical, electrical, and controls systems to provide the most efficient economic solutions to meet customer expectations.

Job Title: Billing / AR Coordinator

Job Summary: Mesa Energy Systems has an immediate need for a Billing / AR Coordinator in its Sacramento, CA location. The primary responsibilities of this position are to ensure that all project related invoicing for the Sacramento / Reno operation are paid within the guidelines set by the Manager. This requires constant interaction and documentation of all interactions with all levels of management and the customer.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating with Project Mangers, track monthly progress billings and prepare and submit invoices for all construction jobs.
  • Review construction contracts for billing terms and conditions and ensure invoices are prepared accordingly.
  • Work with subcontractors to obtain appropriate documentation to support invoice packages, including securing the appropriate lien releases.
  • Working with the Payroll Department, assist in securing the required certified payroll reports from Mesa subcontractors.
  • Prepare service invoices including preventative maintenance contracts, T&M, and Quoted work.
  • Actively monitor accounts receivable aging and make collection calls.
  • Problem solve collection or slow pay issues to ensure invoices collected as quickly as possible.
  • Call all accounts and document all contact with the customers.
  • Take calls concerning invoice disputes and pull all pertinent back up. Review & document dispute with appropriate personnel if not able to come to a conclusion on your own.
  • Follow up on all disputes to ensure prompt response time.
  • Prepare construction lien releases
  • Any other duties as may be required by management.


  • Strong communication skills, both verbally and in writing.
  • Comfortable in the use of Word and Excel.
  • Good organization skills with the ability to follow up.
  • Minimum 2 years experience in collections.


We offer our employees a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package and are always looking for individuals with the talent and skills required to contribute to our continued growth and success. Equal Opportunity Employer.