PRRRPZ Business Development Resources Developer

Americorps San Juan, PR
The closure of the Former Naval Station Roosevelt Roads in 2004 devastated the Eastern Region of Puerto Rico which included the communities of Ceiba, Fajardo and Naguabo. Thousands were left without jobs, hundreds of businesses went under and real-estate values plummeted. In an effort to overcome these effects and continue the redevelopment efforts, the communities of Ceiba, Fajardo and Naguabo joined forces, under the leadership of the Roosevelt Roads Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) to achieve the Promise Zone (PZ) designation in 2016. The LRA will achieve the goal of enhancing economic development and growth by developing a portion of Phase I of Roosevelt Roads with new construction and renovated structures to include retail, a ferry terminal, office and storage/industrial space, two hotels and utilities. The new ferry service will bring immediate traffic to the Roosevelt Roads. The LRA will require Community Benefits Agreements from tenants at Roosevelt Roads that require hiring priority for residents, implementation of skill development programs such as on the job training and promotion from within to provide a pathway for advancement, and provision of quality jobs with benefits.VISTA projects will bring individuals out of poverty by creating new jobs through the development of new businesses that will be attracted to establish their operations in the PRRRPZ by: 1) creating job training and placement programs and supporting the development and ongoing success of local micro-entrepreneurs; 2) designing and building a sustainable community links infrastructure to involve the community and develop a strong and lasting link with the LRA; 3) fostering an environment that supports community involvement and ownership; 4) providing the community members with a platform to express their concerns and raise issues; and 5) building community spirit around the project.

Terms :

Car recommended , Permits working at another job during off hours , Permits attendance at school during off hours . Service Areas :

Entrepreneur/Business , Community and Economic Development , Neighborhood Revitalization . Skills :

Leadership , Public Speaking , Business/Entrepreneur , General Skills , Writing/Editing , Fund raising/Grant Writing , Self-motivated , Team Work , Computers/Technology , Youth Development.